'The Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers: A black lingerie for the win and sexual tension between exes

The 'Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers for September 11 reveal that Emma is not ready for what Xander wants, but Zoe is ready to get her man back

                            'The Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers: A black lingerie for the win and sexual tension between exes

'The Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers for Tuesday reveal that Xander Avant has every intention of seducing his girlfriend Emma Barber, but looks like she is not ready for it. Zoe Buckingham, on the other hand, is willing to do whatever it takes to get her man back. 

Xander and Emma had a whirlwind romance this summer, the spoilers show that Xander arranges a romantic cabana for him and his girlfriend, but Emma admits that while she is attracted to him, she also thinks that it is too soon to become intimate. 

Emma already let it slip that she and Xander have only kissed while Zoe and Xander used to live together. Zoe knows that he is used to a more sexual relationship than what Emma is able to give. 'Bold and the Beautiful' spoilers indicate that she will reminisce about their relationship and will try to seduce Xander later this week. Although, Xander protests, their clothes will come off. 


In the same episode, we also see Steffy Forrester tease some of her hottest lingerie collection. Especially after Ridge Forrester chose the Intimates lingerie line over Hope For The Future, Steffy decides that a rehearsal is long overdue, so we see Steffy strut in some sexy black lingerie. But Hope Logan's hard work is not at all futile. 


'B&B' spoilers reveal that Keith Carlos will be returning as Danny. Steffy will join Danny and the other Intimates models for a dress rehearsal of the lingerie line. The spoilers of the episode reveal that she will be wearing a sheer black lingerie and talks to Sally Spectra, which is pretty interesting since Sally actually was working on the Hope For The Future line. At this point, fans may recall that Sally had told Wyatt Spencer and Zoe that she had been sketching some lingerie pieces for Steffy’s line.