'Boiling water challenge' sends eight people to the hospital with serious burns during polar vortex

'Boiling water challenge' sends eight people to the hospital with serious burns during polar vortex

The latest viral trend to hit the Internet, the "boiling water challenge", is now the reason why eight people ended up in a hospital in Chicago with burns during the frigid polar vortex. Videos uploaded online of the challenge, which was inspired by the below zero temperatures during the extreme weather phenomenon, were posted all over social media last week and it went viral almost immediately.

There were some, however, who managed to end up with some serious burns on their bodies after unsuccessfully trying out the stunt. Loyola burn surgeon Dr. Arthur Sanford told The Chicago Sun-Times: "We strongly warn people to not perform the boiling water challenge. There is no safe way to do it."

So far, at least eight people who are aged between 3 and 53-years-old have been admitted to the burn center where Dr. Sandford works. Temperatures in the Midwest reportedly dropped to a chilling -23F with the wind chill in the region making the temperature feel even colder at -50F.

There have been a lot of gorgeous pictures of the challenge making their way across social media but one video that was uploaded is the classic example of what not to do during the polar vortex. A man was seen in only his shorts attempting the challenge in Minnesota. The footage shows the moment the liquid hits the back of his legs as he throws it over his head and burns him in the process.


The boiling water challenge involves people filling up a container with boiling hot water and then throwing it in the air outside. The water will then allegedly freeze instantly and turn into snow mid-air. 

In spite of the stunning appearance, the boiling water doesn't actually turn into snow because snow forms only when there is moisture in the atmosphere and temperatures are low. The water, in this case, just evaporates into vapor and then condenses into a cloud.


Those who are still keen to try out the challenge have been warned to check which way the wind is blowing and not to throw the boiling water over their heads (regardless of the Instagram-worthy pictures) or near any other people.

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