Ontario probation officer found dead with her 2 children after shooting husband at home, bodycam footage reveals

Christine Robles had a five-hour stand-off with the cops after her husband called 911 because he was shot and was bleeding

                            Ontario probation officer found dead with her 2 children after shooting husband at home, bodycam footage reveals
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SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, ONTARIO: Newly-found bodycam footage shows a probation officer who shot her husband exchange gunfire with cops before she was found dead with her two children after a five-hour standoff in their Ontario home. Christine Robles is an officer of San Bernardino County and she was found dead from gunshot wounds in her home on December 14, 2019.

The officers first reported on the scene after Robles' husband called 911 to report that his wife had shot him. The shootout ensued on the doorway to the home. While Robles' husband reached to safety, Robles barricaded herself at home and hours later she was found dead in her room with her children. It's unclear if Robles was struck by a gunshot during the standoff with the cops or if it was a self-inflicted injury that caused her death.

Ontario Police Department has now released never-before-seen footage 10 months after the incident. The footage is from the body cam which belonged to one of the first responders on the scene. The authorities also released information of the call made by Robles' husband in which he is heard saying that he is bleeding from "everything", which provided more information regarding the shootout that occurred.

Robles' husband placed the 911 call at 2.37 am on December 14 of last year. The call record suggests that Robbles was not in a sound state of mind and seemed extremely confused. The dispatcher is heard saying, "Okay tell me exactly what happened." The caller replied, "I don't know." The dispatcher said, "Why did you dial 911? What's the medical emergency?" Then the response from the dispatcher went, "Bleeding from where?" And he responded, "Everything."

"Where exactly sir?" asked the dispatcher. He then said, "My nose, my mouth." The dispatcher said, "Okay what happened to you?" and to this he said he didn't know. He however did mention that his wife and children were at the scene and that his wife was also bleeding. The bodycam footage revealed how the officers had gotten into a standoff with Robles and at least four shots were fired. The scene saw both SWAT officers and crisis response team respond. The standoff continued for five hours with no communication with anyone inside the home whatsoever.

According to a report in Daily Mail, a spokesperson was quoted as saying, ''All of the information we have at this time indicates both children suffered gunshot wounds prior to police arrival." The spokesperson also added, "The time in which they passed away as a result of those injuries has not yet been determined." 

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