Bodybuilding champion Zoey Wright who suffers from bowel disease reveals she's getting ostomy bag removed

Zoey first started to feel the pangs of her bowel disease in 2012, when all of a sudden her weight dramatically plummet from 10st to 8st in just four weeks

                            Bodybuilding champion Zoey Wright who suffers from bowel disease reveals she's getting ostomy bag removed

A bodybuilder who had to carry an ostomy bag around after suffering from a fatal bowel disease is now finally getting it removed. She revealed that she will have to undergo two surgeries for the process to be complete, reports the Daily Mail.

26-year-old Zoey Wright, who hails from Cornwall, announced the news of her upcoming surgery to her 60,000 followers on Instagram, explaining that she would be taking a break from competing in order to recover from the surgeries. She then made a YouTube video speaking about how she had been approved for the surgeries and, henceforth, she would be fitted with an internal J pouch.

Zoey first started to feel the pangs of her bowel disease in 2012 when, all of a sudden, her weight dramatically plummet from 10st to 8st in just four weeks. On further diagnosis, it was revealed to her that she suffered from ulcerative colitis, and the doctors told her that she would have to have ileostomy surgery, a medical procedure in which the small intestine is diverted through an opening in the abdomen.

Zoey took to her social media accounts to explain to her fans and supporters that she would be out of competitions for a while since she had been approved for surgery to remove her temporary ostomy pouch, which is an artificial bag that sits outside the body. In place of the former ostomy pouch, she will be fitted with an internal J pouch that is usually made from the intestines. She even assured her fans that, after the surgery, she will be back "bigger and better than before".


It was last Tuesday that Zoey posted a picture of herself on Instagram in her workout wear with the ostomy bag visible, and wrote in the caption, "Ok so the reason why I won't be competing this year. Very soon I'll be undergoing two surgeries which will enable me to live my life without my ostomy bag. I'm scared, excited, nervous and incredibly anxious but I know I'm ready for this next chapter in my life."

She continued, "Over the years my ostomy has taught me some extremely valuable life lessons which I'll forever live by I'll Vlog a YouTube update soon with why I have made this decision. But for now, I'm enjoying time with my partner, family, and friends before the long & grueling recovery that follows! But don't you worry guys.. I'll be back, bigger and better than before."

A few days after her Instagram announcement, Zoey took to YouTube, where she followed up on her decision to get surgeries to remove her ostomy bag with a ten-minute vlog, revealing the reason behind her decision. In the vlog, Zoey explained that the doctors had already removed her large intestine during the first surgery, and left behind her rectal stump which still has inflammatory disease colitis.

Since this was pretty much untreatable, Zoey explained that she was unable to remove the last bit of inflammation and receive a permanent ostomy bag. She continued, "The second option that I'm grateful to have is that they will remove the last part and make a small pouch from my intestine and bob's your uncle I've got new plumbing!"

However, Zoey has to wait a year to get her J pouch as per her doctor's orders, for her decision to shift to it comes only six weeks after she got her current ostomy bag fitted to her body. But Zoey doesn't really mind all that waiting.

"How I feel since having my last surgery with the ostomy pouch is incredible and I'm hoping I'll feel the same after my next surgery with the J Pouch," she said. "Mine is an elected surgery as there were no cancerous cell so I'm lucky. This will give me time to spend time with my other half Connor and my family and there will be 8-12 weeks between the two surgeries. The first surgery is the creation of the J Pouch and then they will connect everything and remove the temporary ostomy bag."


She added: "I'm going to try to stay at 68kgs which is my heaviest as I will probably lose weight after the stress of the surgery. I'm looking forward to it- apart from the long grueling recovering and getting used to the J Pouch." Becoming a tad bit emotional, she also spoke a little about her husband Connor: "He will be by my side at the surgery like he has with all of them and I just can't be any more thankful. There will be bad days and that's fine."


After her first diagnosis, Zoey had decided to shun the medication she was prescribed and, instead of the pills, she put her life and soul into bodybuilding, a sport which even her husband Conor is largely into. With her hard work and determination, in January, Zoey announced she was named the face of brand 'Ultimate Sports Nutrition' after clinching the international bodybuilding title of Overall World Champion for the largest growing fitness modeling federation in the UK, Pure Elite. 

Speaking about her incredible journey, Zoey said, "I wanted to do something I'd never done before and something that seemed impossible to achieve. Now I am in love with training and competing and the world title is a celebration of being healthy. I have achieved the impossible."