61-year-old bodybuilder is now covered head-to-toe in tattoos after he got his genitals inked for Christmas

Bodybuilder Ray Houghton, spent $9,500 and more than 240 hours completing his body suit before having his genitals tattooed on Christmas Eve in Spain

                            61-year-old bodybuilder is now covered head-to-toe in tattoos after he got his genitals inked for Christmas

A bodybuilder celebrated Christmas in a rather unconventional fashion after he got an extremely delicate tattoo in his private parts, thereby covering his entire body with intricate designs. After undergoing a strenuous four-hour inking on his genitals, 61-year-old Ray Houghton is ready to claim to have at least one tattoo on every body part, Daily Mail reports.

The magnificent full body suit of ink required more than 240 hours of tattooing over the span of two years and cost more than $9,500. After having eight "embarrassing" tattoos covered up, Ray, a fitness freak who lives in Spain and owns a gym, was determined to ink himself in the right places.


During his time in the Royal Artillery as a teenager, Ray had tattooed his impressive muscles but was reluctant to show them off. However, he embarked on a mission to have his whole body tattooed to cover up his "aging skin" and reclaim his confidence, which later turned into an obsession. Now, after having his private parts tattooed in a four-hour sitting, Ray says he feels complete and "20 years younger".

The procedure caused Ray's testicles to swell up to "four times" their normal size among other complications. "I don't feel the pain anymore but the tattooist couldn't believe I wanted to get such a sensitive area done," he said.


The tattoo addict lives in Spain with his 53-year-old fiance Pamela Hunt. "I was so desperate to get it done," he added. "I didn't like to look in the mirror and see my aging skin. I like to look young. We used a rolling pin because that was the easiest way for the tattoo to be done. You can't just do it on a bench or worktop. It was quite weird at first but it made a lot of sense. It worked out perfect really."

After searching for three months to find an artist willing to take on the daunting task, the father-of-one had the procedure done on Christmas Eve in the comfort of his own gym. Now, with his face, hands, feet, and even his bum covered in Maori-inspired designs, and the only part of his body without a tattoo being the top of his head, Ray feels decades younger and "complete" for the first time in his life.


Ray had gotten tattoos on his arms as legs in a caravan near the military base from a man called "Sailor Bill" during his time in the Royal Artillery. However, he said the eight inkings he received "weren't spectacular". The tattoos included a boat, the words "mum" and "dad", a naked woman, and a Geisha.

Ray says he can't wait to show off his body in all its glory at a local nudist beach, with his whole body tattooed from head to toe and the "embarrassing" ones covered up. When he walks down the street in Spain, passers-by cannot help but turn their heads and admire the artwork, making Ray "feel like a celebrity".

"I had age spots and scars that I was ashamed of," he said. "But now I am proud to go along to the nudist beach. People tell me they can't believe how good I look for my age. I feel like a celebrity and I love people staring at me."


Ray was crowned North West Coast Champion in 1989 after he opened a gym and started competing in bodybuilding competitions around town. However, he wasn't happy with his body because of his "ugly" tattoos despite boasting a 54-inch chest, 18.5-inch biceps, and 34-inch waist.

Ray was left unsatisfied even after his older tattoos were covered up, and saw how his penis was just "bare skin" surrounded by ink all across. He said: "Those old tattoos were done when I was 17. They were disgusting. Now I'm proud to show my body off again and I can't wait to show people my body in full. I love it. None of the tattoos were really painful at all to have done, even this last one. I feel complete when I look in the mirror now. It was the perfect Christmas present really."

Two days after getting the tattoos done, Ray is now back to work as a personal trainer. His private parts have now fully healed after having been painfully sore since the procedure.