Serial killer Bobby Joe Long had no visitors, requested beef sandwich for last meal before being executed

Serial killer Bobby Joe Long had no visitors, requested beef sandwich for last meal before being executed

Serial killer Bobby Joe Long requested a special last meal before his execution via lethal injection at 6:55 pm Thursday at the Florida State Prison.

Long had admitted to killing eight women but hinted that he had many more victims. The police revealed that he had admitted to raping 40 women and, as a result, spent 34 years on death row.

Long had requested roast beef, bacon, french fries, and soda and ate his last meal at around 9.30 am local time.

Long had been sentenced to death in 1985 after he had brutally murdered eight victims in a killing spree which started in 1984.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that he had no guests or visitors on the day of his execution.

He did not have any spiritual adviser visit him either and his demeanor was described as "calm, quiet" at a conference which was held outside the prison. 

Long had no last words before he was executed.

A witness at the execution wore a polo shirt which had the picture of one of Long's victim on the front and the words 'Gone But Not Forgotten'. On the back of the shirt were pictures of all the ten victims and the words 'The Ones That Matter'.


Lisa Noland managed to survive and escape serial killer Bobby Joe Long (Source: AP)

His last victim Lisa Noland, who was known as Lisa McVey at the time she was attacked, was present during his execution.

Noland shared that she attempted to position herself where he would see her.

As reported by DailyMail, she shared, "I wanted to look him in the eye. I wanted to be the first person he saw. Unfortunately, he didn't open his eyes." She added that she started crying after watching the execution and said, "The peace that came over me is a remarkable feeling." 

Noland was kidnapped at gunpoint but, thanks to her presence of mind, she was able to note down several details which helped cops nab Long.


As she was menstruating, she was sure to leave blood evidence in the car she was brought in. Upon arriving at Long's apartment, she counted the number of steps to the floor and when he allowed her to use the bathroom, she made sure to leave her fingerprints everywhere. 

Since she had been abused before, she knew if she fought Long, it would only make the situation worse and attempted to appeal to a sliver of kindness that he showed when he washed her hair after raping her repeatedly.

She then managed to get him to let her go.

In a previous interview, Noland had shared that she would "Thank" Long for choosing her and not any other 17-year-old. "I would say 'Thank you for choosing me and not another 17-year-old girl'. Another 17-year-old girl probably wouldn't have been able to handle it the way that I have."

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