Nick Gordon drug overdose: Bobbi Kristina's ex spent final moments binging on pot and heroin, reveal photos

Shocking photos show 'pools of a dark, sticky substance resembling vomit on the floor of Gordon’s room at the Sheraton Orlando North Hotel'

                            Nick Gordon drug overdose: Bobbi Kristina's ex spent final moments binging on pot and heroin, reveal photos
Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon (Getty Images)

In a harrowing revelation, Bobbi Kristina Brown's ex-fiancé Nick Gordon who died on January 1, 2020, was reportedly high on deadly booze and drugs moments before his death, according to exclusive pictures. Gordon died in Seminole County this year at the age of 30 and had his autopsy report revealing that the cause of his death was ruled as heroin toxicity.

Now Daily Mail has accessed some pictures that show how Gordon spent his final hours holed up in a Florida hotel room where he reportedly downed shots of tequila, smoked pot and snorted heroin.
The publication reported citing police sources that his girlfriend Airyelle McMahon dialed 911 after Gordon started making “groaning noises” in his sleep and a “dark substance” started seeping from his nose. He was taken to the hospital after New Year’s Eve but died on January 1 this year and "heroin toxicity" was confirmed in his system as the cause of death. 

Daily Mail published several alarming photos of Gordon and the scenario he was in before meeting his demise. The shocking photos show “pools of a dark, sticky substance resembling vomit on the floor of Gordon’s room at the Sheraton Orlando North Hotel.” Other images show clothes strewn across the floor and furniture, soiled bedding, a bag of weed and multiple items of drug paraphernalia. 

Gordon was held responsible for the 2015 death of singer Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi reportedly spent six months in a coma after she was found unconscious in a bathtub with “similar drugs in her system”, Daily Mail reported. Bobbi’s family blamed Gordon, accusing him in the lawsuit of giving her a “toxic cocktail".

However, Gordon was never charged in the case, but was found responsible in a wrongful death lawsuit and was ordered to pay $36 million to Brown’s estate.
Now the police documents accessed by Daily Mail reveal that Gordon has been living in an utterly dejected state before his death in January. He was reportedly “homeless and living in the Sheraton with just a bag of clothes and a handful of possessions including a phone, Xanax pills, four packs of Pez candy and his battered BMW car,” the publication reported. 

The night before his death

Gordon’s girlfriend 28-year-old McMahon, reportedly said she had moved to the Orlando area for work. She was staying at the same hotel where she and Gordon reportedly became romantically involved. On December 31, 2019, a day before Gordon died, the pair bought alcohol and food from Taco Bell before heading back to the hotel to drink and smoke pot.

“At approximately 2030 hours they both snorted a line of heroin and took a couple of shots of tequila,” according to a report from the Maitland Police Department. “Airyelle knew that Nicholas was going to bring some type of narcotic drug that night in order to celebrate the New Year, but she did not know which narcotic. Airyelle did not know where Nicholas obtained the heroin. This was the first time Airyelle had ever done heroin,” Daily Mail reported. 

The pair reportedly fell asleep watching television but McMahon woke up around midnight and noticed the bed was damp from either urine or vomit. She then slapped Gordon in the face but could not wake him. However, Gordon was reportedly breathing and she could feel a pulse, so she rolled him on his side so he wouldn’t choke.

During the whole night, McMahon woke up many times to find Gordon snoring, semi-conscious, and then finally making groaning noises. When she could not find a pulse and noticed a “dark substance coming from his nose”, she rang the cops at 5.05 am. “While doing chest compressions on Nicholas as the operator was instructing her, more of the dark substance started coming out of his nose and mouth,” Daily Mail reported citing official reports.

Gordon was repeatedly unresponsive and died the next day at Altamonte Springs Hospital, with family members including his brother Jack Walker Jr at his bedside.

“I thought he was sick. I thought he was just f**ked up,” McMahon told investigating officers according to Daily Mail. The publication disclosed later that the substance Gordon took was black tar heroin, which is a cheaper but a potent and dangerous form of the drug. Gordon's death was an accident and did not warrant further investigation, sources told Daily Mail.

At the time of his death, Gordon was calling himself Nicholas Bouler, which is his real name given at the time of birth after his biological father Jon Bouler. Gordon’s friends speculated that he (Gordon) was trying to escape his past and the $36 million in civil damages he owed over Bobbi Kristina’s death.

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