'BNA: Brand New Animal' Season 1 turns viewers into instant fans as they fall in love with Michiru

Fans of the series encourage newcomers to watch the Netflix release while the furry and fanart community express their love for the series

                            'BNA: Brand New Animal' Season 1 turns viewers into instant fans as they fall in love with Michiru

'BNA: Brand New Animal' released on Netflix on June 30 after its Japanese debut in March. The show comes from Studio Trigger, which has given the world such popular shows as 'Little Witch Academia' and 'Kill la Kill.' Viewers who have tuned in to watch the series are instant fans and they want the rest of the world to be as well.

Fans online are encouraging people to watch the series as enthusiastically as possible. "Trigger's vibrant 'Brand New Animal' - the studio behind Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia, Darling In The FranXx - is out now in Netflix! dubbed & subbed!" writes a Twitter user. That the show has been dubbed and subtitled is an important draw. Previous anime features released on Netflix were unable to release a dubbed version in due part to coronavirus concerns. "BNA: Brand New Animal is on Netflix. Yes, Trigger's doing it again. Make time for this one," writes another user. "BRAND NEW ANIMAL IS ON NETFLIX NOW ... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WATCH IT IM BEGGING YOU" pleads a third.

Newcomers to the series are definitely enjoying it. "Folks brand new animal SLAPS. i ****in missed having a new studio trigger show goddamn," writes a fan, happy to have new content from Studio Trigger, adding, "that choppy animation, beaut character and set designs, the sound stuff. i missed it."

Another fan writes, "Ok so I just watched the first episode of #BrandNewAnimal love the series I also like the animation and voice acting so far." One fan offers up a heartfelt, spoiler-free review summed up in a single tweet: "So, just finished watching BNA: Brand New Animal. I have thoughts... words... gripes and things I love. But I won't say much cause it JUST came out on Netflix. But I will say... god ****ing damn it I love Michiru... so much." 

One fan notes, "This brand new animal anime on Netflix finna turn me into a Furry", a sentiment that goes hand in hand with the abundance of fanart from the furry community online. Twitter timelines are filled with image after image of the show's major protagonists, and not all of them are entirely SFW. "I started watching brand new animal out of boredom but its actually so cute??? who knew i liked a show about furries," writes this viewer.

All episodes of 'BNA: Brand New Animal' Season 1 are now available to stream on Netflix.

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