'BMF' Season 2: 5 things to know about next instalment of the Starz crime drama

'BMF' Season 2: 5 things to know about next instalment of the Starz crime drama
Demetrius Flenory Jr as Demetrius Flenory in 'BMF' (Starz)

'Black Mafia Family' just concluded its first season with a brilliant finale that left fans wanting more. However, now the drama has been renewed a few days after its season premiere so those who were worried can rest easy with a Season 2 confirmed.

For viewers that will be missing their weekly dose of 'BMF' an eight-episode BMF documentary series will be coming later to Starz as well. The documentary will be executive-produced by 50 Cent with Shan Nicholson set as showrunner and will give fans the chance to get a very different view of the crime world and its history. If you like 'BMF' you should check out Narcos, Breaking Bad and Prison Break. For now, read on to know more about the second season of the Starz crime drama.



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When will 'Black Mafia Family' Season 2 be released and where to watch it

So far no release date has been announced for the second installment of the series, but it can be expected to return earliest by 2022. You will be able to watch the show on Starz.


What will the second season be about?

The second season will see the continuation from where the Season finale left off. Some of the questions that will be answered are:

1) Will B-Mickie work with Detective Bryant and betray Demetrius or will the gang member remain loyal to the leader?

2) Is Terry really exiting the drug business and starting afresh with his father Charles or is this a temporary decision affected by emotion?


3) Is Lamar truly dead? Meech was shown putting a bullet in his stomach but his hasty exit did not confirm this character's death.

4) Will Meech still have Big L's business? She agreed to deal with Terry exclusively but if he really leaves, will she change her mind and deal with Demetrius instead?

5) Will the second season star an older Demetrius Flenory? The finale saw an older version of the character in prison narrating the events suggesting a new cast addition.


Who stars in the second season of 'BMF'

Demetrius Flenory Jr. as Demetrius Flenory


The rest of the cast whose characters are seen surviving are expected to make a return. This consists of Da'Vinchi as Terry Flenory, Russell Hornsby as Charles Flenory, Michole Briana White as Lucille Flenory, Myles Truitt as B-Mickie and Steve Harris as Detective Bryant in the lead.



The second season will also be executive produced and developed by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson who helmed the first season as well.


So far no trailer has been released. Watch this space for further updates.


'BMF' is available for streaming on Starz and Hulu.

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