‘Blue Bloods’ Season 11 Episode 1: Will Danny and Baez fall in love? Here's why they're perfect for each other

Will the CBS cop show inch towards their romance soon and make them partners-turned-couple? 

                            ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 11 Episode 1: Will Danny and Baez fall in love? Here's why they're perfect for each other
Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan and Marisa Ramirez as Detective Maria Baez (CBS)

Is love knocking on the door? ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 11 struck gold with its premiere ‘Triumph Over Trauma’ as Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) followed a lead for the case on Madelaine Gleeson. The two investigate a woman and ask her if she knew her. While she denies it, she goes on to say her son isn’t home, he didn’t show up last night and he has been strange lately.

When Danny and Baez go into the basement to check up on what he's been up to, they stumble upon pictures of Madelaine in a drawer. Suddenly, Maria falls down the stairs and it turns out, the woman did it deliberately. Frank rushes up with his gun and bangs on the door but it is locked. With a hurt knee, the two are trapped in the dark. When they don't answer their messages, Anthony Abetemarco (Steven Ralph Schirripa) tells Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) that they're missing. Meanwhile, Detective Luke Raines finds a link to the Madelaine Gleeson case and thinks the suspect may be a serial killer. 

Danny and Maria are still trapped. He tells him that they will get out of the mess. Baez starts sobbing and tells him that she may never get to do the things that she wants to in life. At the same time, Danny spots a dead body in the room but hides it from Maria so she doesn't freak out. 

Danny and Baez (CBS)

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and his nephew Joe Hill (Will Hochman) find Danny’s car. While Baez tells Danny she didn't log their location, the door creaks open and finds a note that reads: “You’re next.” As the tension mounts, Maria is about to go off to sleep but Danny stops her from doing so. Mulling over memories of his brother's death, he says he made a promise to always be first and last out. He confesses that his demeanor has cost him every partner except her. In that tender moment, she tells him that she loves him and he says he does too. 

Jamie and Joe go back to the house where the woman’s son answered the door. While peeping through a window, he spots a leg and shouts if she is okay. Jamie hears a noise and realizes it is Danny banging on the pipes in the basement. They break the window and go inside. Jamie finds the unresponsive woman in a chair. He reaches out to the door of the basement and rescues Danny and Maria. 

After they are out of it, Danny tells Jamie that he is going to the hospital to check in on Maria. In a heartwarming scene, Jamie invites Joe to family dinner, but he says has plans. Later, at the Sunday dinner, Danny brings Maria. Erin jokes how she deserves a trophy for putting up with Baez. Grinning at each other, Maria thanks the family for inviting her and Jamie remarks it's not every day that they get to be with a partner Danny has held on to.

Danny and Baez (CBS)

After that scene, fans are convinced they will end up together. Since they are partners, it's not possible for them to be romantically involved with each other but who knows what the future holds. Moreover, as Danny himself confesses, no other partner has been with him longer. Will the show inch towards their romance soon and make them partners-turned-couple? 

Here's what viewers think. "Oh yeahh... I see it. Sooner rather than later, Danny and Baez will wind up together. Mark my words," one posted and another said, "Ok, now I want Danny and Baez together, for real." A third said, "So... like... are Baez and Danny going to become a 'thing...'" A fourth wondered the same, Could it be??? Danny & Baez the next partners turned couple??!! 

But a fifth warned: "Now look here Danny and Baez are not allowed to get involved romantically!" Nonetheless, one fan said, "I always thought Danny and Baez made the best team. I hope when they make it out of this mess, they become a couple. They both deserve love in their life."







What do you think? Could it be true? Won't Danny and Baez be just perfect with each other? 

‘Blue Bloods’ Season 11 premiered on December 4, 2020, with a new episode ‘Triumph Over Trauma’ at 10 pm ET on CBS Network. Catch more episodes every Friday.

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