'Blood of Zeus': Netflix animation to use Heron, a demigod rejected by Zeus, to repurpose Greek Mythology

'Blood of Zeus': Netflix animation to use Heron, a demigod rejected by Zeus, to repurpose Greek Mythology
'Blood of Zeus' (Netflix)

'Blood of Zeus', the Netflix animation is being compared to 'Castlemania' even before release because of the trailer and teasers of the show. At this point, with every second fantasy novel centering on Greek mythology figures, one might have wondered if it was possible to make a show interesting. That too, by introducing audiences to a hero who is not as popular as Zeus himself or Apollo and other gods. The show is definitely set to get into the space to evolve into something exciting for fans of animation and fantasy genres. 

From the trailer and teasers, it is clear that Heron, the lead character will not be like say Percy Jackson or other demigods that we have met so far. The show was originally titled 'Gods and Heroes', however, it was changed to 'Blood of Zeus' to keep in with the theme of the show. The voice cast of the show features Jason O’Mara, Mamie Gummer, Chris Diamantopoulos, Derek Phillips, Jessica Henwick, Melina Kanakaredes, Claudia Christian, and Elias Toufexis.

The plot itself will see how the monsters that have been rising in power after feeding on the flesh and blood of the Titans are a force to reckon with and Heron, who was initially considered a reject Demigod becomes the hope for the Gods and the Heroes. It also has been hinted that one person on God's side is working with the Titans and we are guessing that this would be Hera. 

Zeus is well known for being a God who continues to appear on Earth, always using the women here and impregnating them, carelessly leaving Demigods behind and Heron is one such demigod. Hera, Zeus' wife is traditionally known to have been a jealous woman who would go to any extent to get back at her cheating husband and this show's first season might see Hera plot behind her husband's back because she probably believes that he deserves it.

However, the more power the Titan gain, the lesser hold Zeus will have on the Gods who serve under him and it is here that we will see a great mix of action and gore get included. 'Blood of Zeus' also has an element of fantasy horror that we are looking forward to unfolding. Other than this, the most important point to note is that the team behind 'Castlemania' is also the team behind this show and so we expect some exemplary artwork in terms of animation itself. 

All episodes of 'Blood of Zeus' can be streamed on October 27 on Netflix. 

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