'Blood of Zeus' Ending Explained: Seraphim welcomed into underworld by Hades, does this spell another season?

Zeus and Poseidon worked together against Hera before the battle with the Giants, but Hades had remained neutral

                            'Blood of Zeus' Ending Explained: Seraphim welcomed into underworld by Hades, does this spell another season?
Heron and Zeus (Netflix)

Seraphim, until the very end, decided that the Gods were the worst and so decided to side with the Demons and the Giants who gave rise to Demons. So after he is sent to the underworld, all we had expected was to see him sent straight to the torture chamber where he would be punished for all the things that he had done since he gave in to the temptation of hunger and fear and fed on the remains of the dead Giant that had washed up on the shore. However, what we saw instead was Seraphim being welcomed by Hades into the underworld.

After his half-brother Heron managed to thwart the plans of the Giants and the Demons towards the end of the battle with his Greek God father Zeus' help, Seraphim attempts to steal the cauldron that was to be kept safely in order to keep the Giants in check. He in fact, momentarily even gets his hands on the cauldron and Hermes' hand ornament that helps him collect human souls. However, Heron had managed to interrupt him before Seraphim could do anything. Sure, Seraphim gave his brother a chance to side with him for the sake of their mother, but Heron in a moment of anger decides that if the only way he could reunite with his brother was to become a demon himself, he would rather his brother die. 

In fact, it is at this moment that Heron gains the powers that his father had hoped to awaken in him during his training. Instead, it is after Zeus' death that Heron manages to gain an understanding of how to concentrate on himself, reach within to manifest the power that was bestowed upon him by his father, who is a god, making Heron a demigod. 

So this Demigod ends up attempting to sacrifice himself to ensure that he can end Seraphim, but instead, he manages to send his half-brother to Hades while he himself recuperates in the safety of Olympus supported by his brother Apollo, and Hermes. Of course, Zeus is not present to see Heron achieve something that no one could, but the brothers tell Heron that Zeus was extremely proud of him. Now that Heron has awakened the power of thunder within him, we wonder if the show will gain a follow-up season. If not for Heron, there are two other questions that need to be answered in the show. 

Firstly, how did Seraphim get his hands on Hades' staff and how did he manage to become a master of the staff? When Seraphim had arrived in the underworld, right before he is taken to his torture chamber, Hades appears and tells him that he is glad that his staff could be of help to Seraphim. Right after, Hades also tells him that he can stop Seraphim from being punished and all that he would have to do in return is one thing. That is to "kneel". For a Demon who hated the nobles after being traumatized by one, this is the worst punishment one could think of, and kudos to the writers of the show for creating a moment such as this in the pre-credit scene after the last episode had concluded. 

The second question is the fate of Hera. After Seraphim attacks her and gains access to Hermes' hand glove that can control the powerful cauldron, she had disappeared. Zeus, despite everything that happened between them, attempts to save her, and succeeds. However, he loses his life in the process. Will we get another season to see how things panned out for the Amazon leader as well?

All episodes of 'Blood of Zeus' can be streamed on Netflix from October 27. 

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