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Bling Empire' Season 3: Who are Kevin Kreider's parents? Star's adoption journey explained'

Kevin Kreider who has both Korean and Japanese heritage was adopted by a German-Irish family
Kevin Kreider of 'Bling Empire' underwent an 'intense' therapy session to learn more about his birth parents (@kevin.kreider/Instagram)
Kevin Kreider of 'Bling Empire' underwent an 'intense' therapy session to learn more about his birth parents (@kevin.kreider/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Perhaps the most relatable cast member of ‘Bling Empire’, Kevin Kreider, has won viewers’ hearts with his down-to-earth personality and unbeatable charisma. The Philadelphia native is the only cast to be an outsider in his co-stars’ dazzling and star-studded world. Kevin has continually added a human touch to the otherwise absurdly phoney show.

The up-and-coming model moved to LA to pursue his modeling dreams and somehow landed at the center of ‘Bling Empire’. But the star has experienced his own share of ups and downs. Unlike his co-stars Anna Shay, Christine Chiu, Kane Lim and Jamie Xie, Kevin does not come from vast wealth. His background is relatively simple, which may be why the audience loves him. The model serves as a window through which the viewers can project themselves on the show, getting starry-eyed every time one of his co-stars shows off their absurd amount of wealth. While the rest of the cast party, shop and sort out their personal relationships, Kevin’s storylines center around his heritage. Season 1 of ‘Bling Empire’ delved deeper into his roots, where he and the audience learned more about his adoption journey.


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Is Kevin Kreider adopted?

Kevin explained in Season 1 of ‘Bling Empire’ that he was born in Seoul, South Korea, but moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as a young child after a White family adopted him. But according to the celebrity, that was all he knew about his history. The star didn’t know who his birth parents were or what led to his adoption. Kevin took a DNA test on the show to confirm his heritage and learned that he was indeed born in Seoul, South Korea and that he had both Korean and Japanese heritage. He also learned that his parents gave him to his grandfather, who put him up for adoption.

Kevin’s curiosity about his ancestry later led him to regression therapy, where he tapped into his emotions as a child that he had forgotten about to see if he could remember his birth parents. The session resulted in Kevin remembering his plane ride from South Korea to the United States and a birthday he celebrated with his birth family. Emotions overflowed when the therapist asked Kevin if he could remember what his soul felt when his birth mother was about to give birth to him. In an intense breakdown, Kevin recalled his mother’s feelings of not wanting a child and her fear of pregnancy. Though he did not find out much concrete information pertaining to his birth parents, he did find his closure.


Who are Kevin Kreider's parents?

A German-Irish family adopted Kevin at the age of three. Mark Kreider and Theresa Adams are his adopted parents. He has a brother named Luke Kreider, and according to Kevin, he could not have found a more loving family. After his adoption, Kevin moved with his new family to Philadelphia until he left to pursue modeling in LA in his 20s. Catch the star on Season 3 of ‘Bling Empire’, where he navigates romance, drama and friendship along with some of LA’s most affluent Asian-Americans.


‘Bling Empire’ Season 3 premieres on Netflix on October 5 at 12 am PT and 3 am ET.