'Blindspot' Season 5 Episode 8: Is Rich in love with Patterson? Fans say chemistry between them is 'insane'

Fans say that Patterson and Rich deserve a fling in 'Blindspot'

                            'Blindspot' Season 5 Episode 8: Is Rich in love with Patterson? Fans say chemistry between them is 'insane'
Rich and Patterson (NBC)

Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer)'s comfortable friendship has always made fans' hearts flutter and there's much hope that it would end up in a full-fledged romance, some day. Unfortunately in the latest episode of 'Blindspot', that idea might be struck down as Patterson seems to have met an untimely death, with Rich watching in shock as the room explodes in fireworks. Just before this scene, the two were having sweet banter and giving each other the moral boost, as they tried to make it out of the bunker without being caught by Madeline Burke's (Mary Elizabeth) minions. 

Fans refuse to believe that Patterson is dead and are sure that she will come and save the team from Madeline's clutches and maybe start the much-hoped for romance with Rich. A fan wrote, "I knew Rich had feelings for Patterson, I knew it."

"Keaton you redeemed yourself. Rich and Patterson are everything. That #Jeller moment was precious!! F**k Ivy!! Madeline has Zapata, Jane and Kurt!!  Praying Patterson and Rich get away!!  #Blindspot," an excited fan wrote, while the episode was going on.

"Are...are we gonna get a Rich and Patterson fling??" another fan hoped. "Patterson was my favorite from the very first episode. But Rich was right there with her from the first time he showed up. And, the chemistry between @ennisesmer & @TheVulcanSalut ...insane. I get it...final season, no one is safe and all...but this REALLY sucks. #Blindspot," a fan tweeted.

Ennis Esmer had also tweeted a clip of Rich and Patterson saying, "Oh man. Not sure how else to say it, but I’m gonna miss this." In the clip, Patterson tells Rich that he is the best hacker she knows. "Patterson will come for them with Boston and Allie and I accept nothing else. #Blindspot Rich looks so heartbroken," a fan wrote.

"I don't feel sorry for whoever interrogates Rich to try and get him to turn on the others. After he saw what happened to Patterson you really think he gonna tell you what you want to know? LOL!! Looking forward to tons of insults being thrown their way. #Blindspot," a fan wrote.

Well, *if* Patterson is alive, then there's still a chance. Tune into Blindspot on Thursdays, NBC at 9 pm. 

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