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'Blindspot' Season 5 Episode 2 Preview: Will the team save Patterson's father just in time?

In the next episode of 'Blindspot' the team tries to get Matthew Weitz to their side
Ashley Johnson as Patterson (NBC)
Ashley Johnson as Patterson (NBC)

In its final season, the NBC thriller 'Blindspot' is ready to give its fans some zingers as well as leave them with a heartbreak.

Season 4 ended on a shocking cliffhanger as we saw the team's cabin getting struck by Madeline's drone, with a terrified Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) watching from outside. In the premiere of Season 5, it was revealed that Tasha, Wells and Patterson (Ashley Johnson)  survived the explosion as they escaped in time. However, Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) didn't, as he sacrificed himself to save Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza). The first episode of Season 5 focussed on loss, grief and was a tribute to Reade. Apart from this, it showed that Madeline was growing more sinister, as she had conceptualized a contraption to kill people.


The next episode titled 'We Didn't Start The Fire' shows the team trying their best to bring Matthew Weitz to their side. The synopsis of the episode reads: "Jane and the team reach out to Patterson's father in the hope of gaining access to a high-level conference in Finland, where they hope to bring Matthew Weitz to their side."

In the promo, Madeline says to keep an eye on the team. They are on their guard as they know that Madeline "wants to send them a message". The short promo ends with Patterson saying that they have got her father. 

Will they be able to rescue Patterson's father in time? That remains to be seen.

Fans still haven't come to terms with Reade's death. In an interview, 'Blindspot' creator Martin Gero explained why it had to be Reade, who had to die.

"A lot of reasoning went into why to be needed to be Reade (sic). As we sat down and started to see what it did to the show and what happens with the storytelling afterward, it, unfortunately, couldn't be anyone else.” While Reade is definitely dead, the premiere is not the last time viewers will see the character. I'm so happy that he's able to play a larger part than you’ll expect in the last season."

Obviously, this means that there will be some more flashbacks that will break hearts. Sigh.