'Blindspot' Season 5 Episode 2: After Madeline ambushes Matthew Weitz, fans pray that he isn't dead

'Blindspot' Season 5 Episode 2: After Madeline ambushes Matthew Weitz, fans pray that he isn't dead
Aaron Abrams as Matthew Weitz in 'Blindspot' (NBC)

Madeline Burke (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) is an unstoppable force of evil. In the previous episode of 'Blindspot', after her planned drone strike on Jane Doe's (Jaime Alexander) team, which killed Reade (Rob Brown), we saw that she had some inhuman contraption to kill people. But it doesn't end there. Madeline has her fingers in different terrorist organizations and her diabolism is growing by the second.

In the latest episode titled 'We Didn't Start The Fire', her next target was Matthew Weitz (Aaron Abrams). She plants a bomb at a science conference in Helsinki, Finland. Thankfully, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) get to the bomb in time. They manage to communicate to Weitz to stay on stage and continue speaking. After some hiccups, Patterson manages to detonate the bomb, with a little help from her father Bill Nye, who reprises his real-life personality for the show. 

But like Shakespeare says, "All's well that ends well." At present, it seems as if Madeline is invincible, and the team would have to use all their resources, intelligence, and craftiness to bring her down. She won't go down without a fight, and she has business with Weitz. 

Madeline has tracked all devices, and her spies are lurking in the office, one of them being Brianna, who is on good terms with Afrin. Afrin is sent instructions on a coffee label, and just as she is about to retrieve the phone hidden in the FBI vents, Brianna catches her. Afrin brings her over to the good side, and Brianna offers to help transmit data and is caught by Madeline's minions. And so, they get wind of the fugitives' plan. 

At the end of the episode, Madeline's henchman abducts Weitz. Will he survive this? Considering that the show had just killed off Reade in the previous episode, fans won't be ready for another death. The snarky, sassy, and self-centered Weitz is a fan-favorite, and he's managed to redeem himself lately. It would be a shame if he were to die right after we warmed up to him.

Fans are terrified of what Madeline might do to Weitz, and are just praying he doesn't die. "You can't leave me with @MrAaronAbrams
in jeopardy for two weeks!!! PLEASE don't kill Weitz!!! #Blindspot," a fan tweeted.

"Weitz in deep shit again.... he has ZERO power as FBI Director... Fukn madoline got his balls in a vice," tweeted another fan.

"Welp. Weitz is in trouble," a fan wrote.

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