'Blindspot' Season 5 Episode 1: Reade dies while saving Tasha, devastated fans say 'killing him was a mistake'

'Blindspot' Season 5 Episode 1: Reade dies while saving Tasha, devastated fans say 'killing him was a mistake'
Reade and Tasha (NBC)

Fans were busy biting their nails while watching the Season 5 premiere of NBC's thriller 'Blindspot'. The previous season ended on a cliffhanger, as Madeline Burke (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and Lucas Nash (Dennis Boutsikaris) organized a drone strike on the remote cabin, where the team is currently housed.

Jane Doe (Jaime Alexander) stood outside and watched in shock as the cabin was reduced to ashes. There has been much hype that a fan-favourite will die, but it wasn't certain who. Now, however, viewers are gradually piecing the mystery together in the premiere.


Edgar Reade(Rob Brown) didn't survive as he died trying to save Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza). The episode was an overall emotional one, as Tasha blamed herself for Reade's death. After a will they-won't they love story for over several seasons, the couple was struck down and fans are less than pleased about it.

"I'm not gonna watch anymore #Blindspot cuz honestly f**k you all for killing Reade. Y'all can't mess with people like this," tweeted an angry fan.


"My heart is broken," a fan wrote. 

"It’s totally the reade thing to do... Sacrificing himself for Tasha, #Blindspot," a fan wrote. 

"I'm broken. #Blindspot has broken me. I know they didn't know about the pandemic when this was all decided but also I'm sooooo broken," a fan wrote. 

"I literally read no interviews or spoilers so I’m really going the hell through it rn. They really killed Reade? As soon as he and Tasha hooked up?! 2020 is cancelled....AGAIN #Blindspot," another fan wrote.


A fan wrote, "A little surprising reade died. Fully expected the plot twist of Patterson or rich being the one who dies. Madeline’s endgame is to become president watch..."

"Y’all they should have wrapped up the Madeline story last season. And killing Reade was a mistake," an upset fan tweeted.

"#Blindspot's season premiere failed to live up to its billing. Sadly my man Reid died in that drone strike at the end of season 4. Oh... he was saving Tasha. I've a problem with that but I'll suspend my judgement," a disappointed viewer wrote.


Another fan wrote, "#blindspot y’all Killed Reade? The one black guy on the show. Argh."

Well, that's a heartbreaking premiere. 

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