'Blindspot' Season 5 Episode 1: Edgar-Tasha turbulent love story comes to tragic end after years of build-up

After years of build-up, Edgar and Tasha get together, only to be separated forever again

                            'Blindspot' Season 5 Episode 1: Edgar-Tasha turbulent love story comes to tragic end after years of build-up
A still from 'Blindspot' (NBC)

Life isn't fair, and especially not for fans who had to sit through the heartbreaking premiere of the fifth season of 'Blindspot' today. Season 4 ended on a nerve-wracking cliffhanger with Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) watching in shock as a drone hits the cabin, where her team is. For months, there was much panic and speculation about who survived and who died in the explosion. The good news is, is that most of them are alive. Yes, "most".

Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) died after heroically sacrificing himself to save Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza). She was trapped under the rubble, and he lifted it so that she could be free. And then the rest of the rubble fell on him and he didn't survive that. 

The two had just gotten together after years of build-up and tension, and well, that story has been struck down. The premiere was a tribute to Reade, and a heartbroken Tasha slowly accepts that she has to come to terms with it. The show has toyed with the two for over several seasons, with both of them denying their feelings at different points in the show. After Jane and Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), they were considered the beta couple of the show.

They grew even closer after several near-death experiences and were torn apart by their circumstances, and bad timing, like Tasha telling him she loved him before he got married as well. Several times they seemed as if they would never ever be together, as well. She asked him to let him go, numerous times and he didn't. And finally, she didn't want to let him go after the explosion and wanted to save him in any way that she could. It's a shame that after years of complications, they finally got together, only to be torn apart. 

And so, the premiere was a tribute to not just Reade, but to their tragic love story as well. Fans are still sobbing over it and want to 'cancel' the show. "So the writers built up tasha and reade as couple for YEARS just to kill him as soon they somewhat get together. i'm sad," a fan tweeted.

"Reade and tasha finally made love again. They were gon be happy but nah, y'all just had to ruin shit. We waited years for this. I hope y'all choke. #Blindspot," another wrote.

""Oh Reade... No!! That was the most beautifully heartbreaking scene!!! Zapata and Reade we’re finally together dammit!! Oh Tasha! My heart!!" tweeted another sorry fan.

There are some, who hope that he might return. Well, now that would be an interesting twist.

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