'Blind Date' reboot: Fans want show gone and no amount of nipple licking is going to change that

'Blind Date' reboot: Fans want show gone and no amount of nipple licking is going to change that

From painting on their bodies to licking whipped cream off their nipples, the second episode of 'Blind Date' had everything, but that still did not get fans interested in the reboot.

'Blind Date' returned on Monday night for the second episode of the season. Tonight we were introduced to two new couples who go on their first date to try and see where things lead to. Narrated by Nikki Glaser, she held nothing back when it came to roasting the couples. 

The first couple we were introduced to was Kayley, a marketing coordinator and Chandler, a product manager. Kayley's turn off is guys with dad shoes, and right enough Chandler arrives for their first date wearing dad shoes. Chandler likes a girl with big hips that don't lie and is looking for someone to bring home to his family. Kayley and Chandler go golfing on their first date, which was a hit or miss situation because clearly, both were bad at it. 

Kayley and Chandler go golfing on their first date. (Bravo)

Unlike the last episode, where everything was just too steamy, we could see some bonding happening between the couple. But Kayley is not falling for him because of his dad shoes. After some talking and drinking, the couple head out to the hot tub and things get steamy. 

Playing truth or dare, Chandler dares Kayley to lick whipped cream off his nipples, and things take a different turn from there with a steamy makeout session in the hot tub until Chandler feels like he's filming a porno. 

As their first date comes to an end, the series revealed that they went on a second date as well. But if given a chance to have a spin-off on their date? Fans would surely pass. 

Viewers were also introduced to the first gay couple this season, John and Gary. John is a health specialist. He claims to be a master of many arts, but mainly in the art of seduction. John also doesn't like guys who groom too much. Gary, on the other hand, is nervous about meeting a guy whose social media he hasn't stalked and wants to find a nice man he can introduce to his mom and dad. 


Their date was more fun than Kayley and Chandler, John and Gary go painting on their first date. They start off by creating art on each of their pictures and then head on to create art on each of their bodies. Steamy much? 

The couple bond, and eventually their night ends with a kiss and Gary mentioning his penis way too many times, in different languages throughout their date. That doesn't mean John was any better, he kept talking about ferrets throughout their date, making us wonder why he's into them so much after he just called them smelly. 

John and Gary create art on each other on their first date. (Bravo)

Though this is just the second episode of the season, fans seem to have had enough as they questioned why did the network even bring the show back. Taking to Twitter a fan wrote, "@BravoTV For the love of all that's holy, get rid of #BlindDate or at least rename it Two Jerks in a Hot Tub. #WorstShowEver #Zzz..." Adding to that another fan said, "I’m not ready. #Bravo #BlindDate." 


"I'm not sure I can hang with Blind Date. I tried. I say bring back Fifth Wheel and Elimidate!" shared a fan. While another wrote, "Ok so #BlindDate is kind of a weird show, but it’s so awkward I can’t look away. Though I’d rather have #cashcab on right after #WWHL." 

"#BlindDate this shit is horrible. Bring back #CashCab for god sakes. Watching these two fat 40 year olds try to do body shots is making me want to vomit," added a fan. 

What do you think about the newly rebooted series? Let us know in the comments below. 

'Blind Date' airs Sunday to Thursday only on Bravo. Check your local listings for more information. 


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