Blackpink announces sale of 'precious' new collectible dolls, here's how much they cost and where to buy them

Blinks are being given a steady stream of top-quality Blackpink content, including two pre-release singles, the first Korean album, and a doll and toy collection

                            Blackpink announces sale of  'precious' new collectible dolls, here's how much they cost and where to buy them
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After unveiling their new line of limited edition collectible dolls, Blackpink has also dropped an adorable video of the girls unboxing their respective dolls and judging by their reactions, it appears like the dolls have done them justice.

In a series of videos shared on the group's Instagram page, Blackpink members Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé got to unbox one of the boxes containing their dolls and via a very fair game of rock, paper, scissors, Lisa was given the honor of unboxing hers. The instant squeals from the girls as soon as Lisa pulled open the top flap of the box made it abundantly clear they were very pleased with the packaging as well as the dolls contained within. The box came with an adorable note that read, "DDU-DU DDU-DU you want to Kill This Love?" which earned some more exclamations from the girls.

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As they opened each item within the box, including clothing and accessories to go with the doll, Blackpink got increasingly excited. And fans were clearly equally pleased watching the video, with one fan commenting on the post, "I WANT ONE SO BAD." One fan tweet read, "Not gonna lie, we be wanting the Blackpink dolls." 


Another said, "I'm going to go to the mall tomorrow to get the Blackpink dolls I'm excited."


For those not currently able to head to the mall, the collection is sadly currently unavailable via YG Select. But on the bright side, it won't be out of reach for much longer. Read on to know more about the new Blackpink dolls and how to get your hands on them.

Blackpink collectible dolls

Blackpink teamed up with toy company Jazwares to create this collection, initially launching it on June 22. It includes two sets of 3" dolls, with the sets containing three dolls for each member of the group wearing some of the most iconic looks from their music videos 'Kill This Love', 'Boombayah', 'Ddu-Du Ddu-Du' and 'Whistle'. The 'Mystery Pop Star' set additionally includes a surprise doll that comes packaged in an adorable microphone-shaped case, while the 'Mystery Superstars Assortment' includes a doll of your choice that comes in a heart-shaped case. The latter set also contains a host of surprises for fans including fashion accessories for the doll, allowing fans the option to mix-and-match the outfits of members if they purchase more than one, as well as a beaded charm bracelet.

Besides the dolls, Blackpink's toy collection also includes a light-up plush, inspired by the group's lightsticks. An additional VIP All-Access Box set was also announced, which is set to include more surprises inspired by the group's 2018 EP, 'Square Up', and is expected to drop later this summer.

Speaking about the collaboration, Jazwares executive Laura Zebersky shared in a statement: "We're thrilled to join forces with the international sensation Blackpink to debut a collection both authentic to the individuality of the members and catered towards their loyal fans. We worked closely with each artist to capture their unique styles, both on and off the stage, for the collectibles and hope that fans are just as excited as we are about the unique details and touches that went into the line's creation." Blackpink themselves revealed via a statement that they were extremely impressed by the level of detail in the dolls' outfits, adding that it was "so precious to see our outfits from our past music videos being styled onto these dolls; we can already picture them on top of our bed frames or on top of our drawers."


The collection follows Blackpink's record-breaking pre-release single 'How You Like That' and will be followed soon by the group's upcoming single, due on August 28. The single, which features a mystery artiste, has been steadily getting fans hyped up since it was announced, and now fans have their own home versions of the lightsticks they can use to celebrate the song when it launches. Unfortunately, some fans mistook the notification of an update from Blackpink to mean they were ready to announce who their mystery collaborator for their upcoming single was. One fan commented on the post, "Who else thought they were announcing the collaborator for the next single?" while another fan shared on Twitter, "M**********r Blackpink posted some kind of video of them unboxing their dolls and I thought it was them announcing who they were collaborating with."


Dashed hopes aside, the collection is nonetheless absolutely adorable, and pretty affordable too.


All the products in the Blackpink doll and toy collection currently range from $4.99 to $14.99 via Target.

Where to buy

The Blackpink x Jazwares collection is currently available at Target stores and online and will be making its way to YG Select later in September. Check out the collection HERE.

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