Blackpink fans say YG Entertainment 'disrespected' girl group by announcing Treasure's Bang Ye Dam's solo debut

Bang Ye Dam is a part of the group Treasure, who are set to debut in July with a special pre-release song from Dam dropping in June

                            Blackpink fans say YG Entertainment 'disrespected' girl group by announcing Treasure's Bang Ye Dam's solo debut
Jennie Kim, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo (Getty Images)

Blackpink fans are demanding better treatment for the quartet after YG Entertainment revealed that labelmate Treasure's Bang Ye Dam will be releasing his solo before his group's debut.

YGE recently announced that Dam would be dropping a special pre-debut release in June in preparation for Treasure's debut in July this year. The announcement caused the Blackpink fandom Blink to flood YGE's social media with angry messages demanding to know why a group that hasn't debuted yet was being awarded a solo when not all Blackpink members have been afforded the same courtesy.

Despite debuting back in 2016 Blackpink have a rather limited discography which includes only one full-length studio album, the 2018 release 'Blackpink in Your Area', which in itself was actually a Japanese language compilation album that included all the songs Blackpink had released up until that point. For many this might come as a shock, given the group has already secured multiple awards and chart-topping hits, broken multiple records and collaborated with international artistes like Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga. But the reality is that the South Korean girl group has released only two Korean EPs and seven Korean singles to date, in addition to three Japanese EPs. And Blinks have gotten tired of waiting.

BLACKPINK performs at Sahara Tent during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 12, 2019 in Indio, California (Getty Images)

Recently, the fandom began protesting on Blackpink's behalf by dispatching a truck outside the YGE agency building in Seoul to demand more activities and releases for the girls. Following that protest, YGE revealed more details about the group's comeback this year, stating Blinks will finally get the highly-anticipated full-length album in September this year with the lead single dropping in June and another track being released in the following months. Additionally, the company shared that the album will be released in thee phases and hinted at more global activities for the group.

All this may have worked out nicely had it not been for the company's newest announcement of a solo for a trainee that hasn't debuted yet.

"YG ROSÉ SOLO WHERE?!?!" demanded one Blink, while another said, "LIAR @ygent_official." One fan tweeted, "YG entertainment is the worst," and another stated, "I can’t even imagine how BLACKPINK feels . Like they know they are being mistreated as hell and all they wanna do is just sing and write their own songs and give blinks new music. HAVE MORE COMEBACKS. THEY JUST DESERVE BETTER! #YG_RESPECT_BLACKPINK."

Other users have also noted that YGE has consistently failed its female groups, giving them fewer comebacks and albums and not promoting them quite as much. Their treatment of disbanded group 2ne1 has often been at the forefront of these conversations, and some Blinks have documented how despite the fewer releases Blackpink still contributes significantly to the company's revenue. In response, a fellow Blink said, "We did that with just MINI ALBUMS. Imagine a full album it'll cross millions."

Blackpink perform at Sahara Tent during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 19, 2019 in Indio, California (Getty Images)

"I'll be stronger for BLACKPINK," stated one Blink, adding, "Let us continue supporting them as our fireback to that company. I hope they will learn soon that BLACKPINK is on a different level. YGE please do understand. #[email protected]_official @ygofficialblink." And in a show of support, fellow fandoms also called out YGE and offered words of comfort to Blinks, stating, "Coming from once and girlgroup fan, i must say YG should treat blackpink better, they are very talented artist and good human being. Love Twice x Blackpink."

For their part, YGE has stated that Dam has trained for seven years and his solo will be accompanied by a music video but no additional promotional activities. They are yet to address the controversy surrounding it, however. Unfortunately, Dam and Treasure have found themselves at the receiving end of some of the fandom's wrath following the announcement, including ones targeting their looks that claim they are 'dragging down the average beauty rating of YG'.

Many Blinks have, however, made it clear that their anger is for YGE only and have even shared support for Treasure and its members. "No hate to trainee who got a solo. However, how much of a dumbf^ck can you be when you have four immensely talented and popular girls (not that the trainee is not) and you ignore them. that ain't it," tweeted one fan."Our intentions are clear that we're now calling out YG not hating other YG artists. the only main thing here is we want a FAIR TREATMENT especially with BLACKPINK," stated another, and one fan shared, "To the Blinks who are hating on Treasure pls stop. Treasure has been delayed for 2 years, it's not right for them to debut in this environment. Hating on them won't change the fact that YG is mishandling our fav groups. Hate on YG all you want but NEVER EVER hate on other groups!" 

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