Blackpink to come back with PUBG OST? Fans shocked with 'leftover track from 2 years ago'

Blackpink to come back with PUBG OST? Fans shocked with 'leftover track from 2 years ago'
Fans think Blackpink's unreleased 2020 song 'Ready For Love' will be the PUBG OST (@BLACKPINK/Twitter)

Since late 2021, fans have been demanding a Blackpink comeback as the girls have been on an unofficial hiatus since October 2020. With it being 18 months, fans have been joking that it is the same duration as the South Korean mandatory military enlistment and the project group IZ*ONE’s entire career. We also had the Blackpink members themselves asking Blinks (their fans) to wait for them as they would be coming back soon. Fans were hopeful when a couple of weeks ago the members were spotted at their label, YG’s building. And now, it has been revealed that their first single in almost two years will be a video game OST for PUBG.

Blackpink’s last proper Korean comeback was with the release of ‘Lovesick Girls’ for their first studio album titled ‘The Album’ in October 2020. In the year 2021, we got Rosé and Lisa’s solo debut but that has been it from the girl group musically. Blinks were tired of rumors that kept delaying Blackpink’s comeback and had taken to protesting on social media. Well, we finally have concrete information on Blackpink’s next music release. On July 2, there were rumors that the girls’ unreleased track ‘Ready For Love’ that was supposed to be part of ‘The Album’ will be released as an OST for the mobile game PUBG.


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PUBG to release Blackpink OST

Gamer Blinks leaked PUBG’s patch notes for beta-testers that they would be releasing a Blackpink OST (original soundtrack) that has now been confirmed. PUBG announced on July 3 that they had added a concert mode for users that would be Blackpink-themed with pink hearts, avatars, a concert set for the battlefield and more. This new update will be released in August to the general public. The girls will also release a “mysterious new song.” While PUBG has not revealed the song’s name, leaked snippets from beta-testers has fans confident that the song will be ‘Ready For Love’.



'Downloading the game right now'

Fans hope that the PUBG OST is not the comeback that YG has been promising fans and that it will be followed by an actual album release from the girls. One fan tweeted, “Honestly I hope ready for love is just a little gift from the pinks for the pubg event & not actually part of Blackpink’s new album because that song has been leaked so many times now we’ve heard so much of it.” Another posted, “PUBG IS THE NEW CEO OF BLACKPINK. LIKE THEY CONFIRMED BLACKPINK COMEBACK THAT EASY.”



A fan joked, “Just think about it, Izone's whole contract is just blackpink's hiatus.” One Blink was optimistic, “A new blackpink song will be released on august for the upcoming pubg update, so I guess bp will be coming back in august with an album and rfl will be one of its tracks. It's def not the title track but might be a promotional song for pubg. BP ON AUGUST WE WON.” Another Blink added, “Blackpink concert mode in PUBG ? say less im downloading the game RIGHT NOW.”




One was shocked, “No other company apart from YG entertainment would let a group have an 18+ month long hiatus to come back with an endorsement song.” Another fan commented, “I did not expect THIS to be the much anticipated BLACKPINK Comeback…”

A Blink was disappointed, “So the long awaited comeback is the one leftover track from their album from 2 years ago? I really have no words. YG manages to sink even lower than my insanely low expectations. I expected a two-track single album (and that was already expecting what I thought was the absolute very least) and somehow they outdid even that lmao.”




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