Black parent told to 'get out of country' as school board meeting erupts into chaos over CRT ban

Black parent told to 'get out of country' as school board meeting erupts into chaos over CRT ban
Deon was removed from school meeting after a woman asked him to 'get out of country' (Temecula Valley Unified/YouTube, doro_slay_gale/TikTok)

TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA: Chaos erupted at a school parents' meeting when a woman allegedly told a Black man to "get out of the country" after he criticized the school's ban on critical race theory. At Temecula Valley Unified School District's meeting in Southern California, school board Chairman Joseph Komrosky was seen expelling the angry man from the meeting, prompting several pushbacks from those in attendance. Another board member who questioned Komrosky's decision said the man was allegedly the victim of a verbal assault.

In the viral footage from the school board meeting, the black man identified as 'Deon' can be heard addressing the decision to spend $15,000 in taxpayer money on sessions with an anti-CRT consultant and the decision to ban the teaching of CRT. Deon called it "asinine" to ban CRT "when it isn't even taught."


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'Neither idea is viable or credible!'

Deon said during the meeting, "Your continued blatant, willful ignorance of the black experience in this country is not only shameful but also detrimental to the education and growth of our children." "It is a disappointing to see people with a problem with history being taught," he added. "It is widely recognized by the vast majority of experts that bringing CRT into the K to 12 classroom is just as outlandish as bringing calculus to the first-grade classroom. Neither idea is viable or credible," Deon said as reported by Daily Mail. His opinion received wide applause during which Deon claimed he heard a woman make a snide remark telling him to "get out of the country."

The enraged Deon reacted angrily to the woman, prompting Komrosky to issue him a "first warning" and inform him that he would be escorted out if the outburst were repeated. Moments later, Komrosky instructed security to remove the man, and Deon began to speak out about the woman's alleged behavior. "If I feel that way, why don't I get out of the country?" he can be heard saying in several clips circulating on social media of the altercation.


'Do your jobs!'

"She said, "Get out of the country,"' Deon is heard saying as he was being escorted out of the hall. "She told me to get out of the country," adding "'My family has been here since August 16, 1619." Several people in attendance criticized the move leading to an outburst during which Komrosky replied, "If you’d like, the whole auditorium can leave." Members of the public could be heard shouting "take the woman [out instead]" and to "do your jobs." This was backed by fellow board member Allison Barclay. "I object to that. If that woman said that to him, she needs to be excused," Barclay said. Eventually, the woman was also removed from the meeting. 

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 Black parent told to leave country at California school meeting