'Black Monday' Season 2 Recap: Mo an FBI snitch, Blair finances Harris and everything to know as show resumes

Season 2 of Showtime’s dark Wall Street comedy ‘Black Monday’ went on a mid-season break after airing six episodes. Here's a quick refresher on how things turned out and where things stand right now

                            'Black Monday' Season 2 Recap: Mo an FBI snitch, Blair finances Harris and everything to know as show resumes
Don Cheadle (Showtime)

Spoilers for ‘Black Monday’ Season 2

The second season of Showtime’s dark Wall Street comedy ‘Black Monday’ went on a mid-season break after airing six episodes. The second season of the show takes place directly in the aftermath of season 1 in the late-1980s, with Mo (Don Cheadle) absconding to Miami along with Keith (Paul Scheer). In New York City, Dawn (Regina Hall) and Blair (Andrew Rannells) were at the top of an investment bank with little to no idea of how to go ahead. 

Let’s take a quick refresher on how things turned out, and where things stand right now. 


Don Cheadle in 'Black Monday'. (Showtime)

In the aftermath of the fateful Wall Street crash, now known as Black Monday, and the death of Rod 'The Jammer' Jaminski (Bruce Dern), Mo and Keith escaped to Florida. While Keith took to selling cocaine, Mo seemed content at being just a bass player in a reggae band there. Things took a wild turn when Keith lost a million-Dollars worth of cocaine and was now a target of the Colombian cartel.

Mo orchestrated a deal between the two parties that did not end well. There was a massacre at the AmeriSavings Bank, in the backroom of whose Miami branch the meeting took place. Mo and Keith escaped unscathed, but Mo left Keith locked inside a vault.

It would seem that he was planning revenge all this while, and Keith was his first target. AmeriSavings, which was acquired by Dawn and Blair, was the second intended casualty. The company lost all its goodwill there. 

But just as Mo was happily escaping to a beachy paradise, he was accosted by the FBI. And leading the FBI team was Connie (Xosha Roquemore), a woman who had backstabbed him years ago. Connie convinced, nay, forced Mo to return to Dawn and Blair’s company, so that the FBI could build its case better with Mo as a snitch working from within. Mo thus returned and introduced Connie to the group as a wealthy Nigerian heiress with $25 million to invest (that would solve all of Dawn and Blair’s problems). 


Andrew Rannells in 'Black Monday'. (IMDb)

Blair, in a span of six episodes, went from being a cocky money wizard to a lovesick man to panicking to going back to his cocky self again. All this was thanks to his newfound relationship with Congressman Roger Harris (Tuc Watkins). When the company goes into a kind of crisis mode -- they need finances -- things get worse for Blair. 

Dawn and Blair meet Pastor Newell (Michael Hitchcock), the notoriously-homophobic Christian televangelist, and the father-in-law of Harris. In his airborne office, things soured after the pastor realized Blair and the Congressman were close friends and suspected them of being lovers. 

The pastor refused to finance them, and to add to everything, he sent the Congressman back into conversion therapy. But Blair confronted him and told him that he would finance his campaign. Happy that he would no longer have to deal with his cash-rich father-in-law anymore, Harris thanked Blair.


Regina Hall in 'Black Monday'. (Showtime)

Dawn’s character arc has been the tensest. In a bid to acquire AmeriSavings, she needed the help of the Lehman Brothers (Ken Marino) -- now just one brother ever since the horrible accident at the end of season 1. Lehman agreed to help only if Mo was out of the picture. So, she went to Miami and bought Mo out of the company.

Little did she know that this wouldn't be enough to get rid of him. She tried to run a feminist black-owned business but was met with tonnes of sexism, not just from her staff, but also from the papers. She tried to find out ways to keep the company afloat. And when Mo returned, she desperately did not want to take money from someone he brought in. But when an opportunity arose, she was also faced with an ethical dilemma.

Dawn’s mother, played by Vanessa Bell Calloway, introduces her to Marcus Wainwright III (Dulé Hill), the head of the African American Scholarship Fund, who wants Dawn to invest his $30 million. Dawn faced an ethical conundrum, knowing that she would be putting the Scholarship Fund’s money (and invariably the future of thousands of black students) at risk by allowing the touch of her fraud organization to taint it. Dawn ultimately took the money, not knowing that the FBI was secretly investigating her. 

In the midst of all this, Keith went to jail for a very brief bit and then began working with the Lehmans with the sole intent of destroying Mo. He also went back to the old company, bringing things to right where they were (staff-wise) in season 1. There. Now we are all caught up.

Season 2 of ‘Black Monday’ returns to Showtime with new episodes on June 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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