'Black Monday' Season 2 Episode 9 Preview: Mo wants to disappear with Dawn while Keith and Larry hit it off

While the promo reveals quite a bit, we still have to wait and watch how Blair deals with Harris’ death

                            'Black Monday' Season 2 Episode 9 Preview: Mo wants to disappear with Dawn while Keith and Larry hit it off
Don Cheadle in 'Black Monday' (Showtime)

‘Black Monday’ Season 2 Episode 8 was explosive in more ways than one. For starters, during Mo (Don Cheadle), Connie (Xosha Roquemore), Dawn (Regina Hall) and Marcus’ (Dulé Hill) uncomfortable double date, the cat got out of the bag. Keith (Paul Scheer), who was working as a snitch for the Lahmans inside TBD, revealed to all that Mo was working as an FBI snitch and Connie was in the FBI.

On the other side, things were worse for Blair (Andrew Rannells) and his secret lover Congressman Roger Harris (Tuc Watkins), whose election campaign Blair financed. It was election night and while the Congressman won, he and Blair got into a fight. When Blair asked him how soon he would bail the banks out, he said that it would have to wait at least a term. An angry Blair threatened to leak a video of them having sex if he did not comply with his promise. 

Neither Harris nor Blair seemed to want to back down. So. when the Congressman left, Blair showed the tape to the Congressman’s homophobic father-in-law, the famous televangelist Pastor Newell (Michael Hitchcock). Blair blackmailed Newell and told him that he would leak the footage if he did not pressure Harris to bail out the banks. He handed a copy of the tape over to the Pastor after he agreed to his terms.

But the Pastor, it would seem, had other plans. He leaked the tape to the press. When Blair found out on the news, he ran to the Congressman’s home. There he found that he had died of suicide.

So, Episode 9 ‘At That Time’, is already set to be heavy. According to the official synopsis given by Showtime, in the episode, “Blair is forced to revisit his past while Mo, Keith and Dawn try to make amends.”


The promo for ‘At That Time’ elaborates on this. It begins with Mo and TBD’s lawyer Alvin Rudnick (Neil Casey) discussing ideas of how Mo could get out of his current predicament -- being hated by Dawn, and no longer being eligible to the FBI’s immunity. Alvin is predictably less than helpful as he suggests Mo’s only way out is to kill himself. 

We also see Mo suggesting to Dawn that the two of them disappear – a plan Mo was on his way to fulfilling when Connie apprehended him. But Dawn, it seems, is in no mood to listen. She says, “You lying f***. You told me you were out.”

At the same time, we see Tiff (Casey Wilson), Blair’s wife appearing on Pastor Newell’s evangelist TV channel. Blair tells her, “The only way to save your man is to double down on me,” he tells her. “Stand by your man, Jesus saves, and all that.”

In the meanwhile, Keith and Larry Lehman (Ken Marino) seem to have hit it off. There was already some chemistry between the two men, but now they seem to be dating (while wearing matching outfits). In the last episode, Keith accidentally discovered that Lenny Lehman (also, played by Marino) was still alive, and Lenny told him that Larry was using him. When a shaken Keith approached Mo to tell him about everything, Mo told him to “f*** off”. That’s when Keith revealed everything to everyone.

While the promo reveals much, it doesn’t reveal how Blair reacted in the aftermath of Harris’ death. Guess we’ll have to wait and watch.

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