Black Xmas: BLM slammed for call to boycott ‘white companies’ during festive season

Black Lives Matter has continued with its tradition of boycotting 'white companies' for the seventh year in a row

                            Black Xmas: BLM slammed for call to boycott ‘white companies’ during festive season
Black Lives Matter has called for the boycott of White businesses for a month (Instagram/ @blklivesmatter)

Black Lives Matter has continued with its tradition of boycotting “white companies” for the seventh year in a row during the month-long festive season. It has also urged support for “Black Xmas”. On Black Friday, the #BlackLivesMatter Global Network Foundation took to Instagram, where it stated, “Let’s use every tool in our toolbox…including our dollars…to end white-supremacist-capitalism.”

The post also noted, “It’s officially #BlackXmas! Time to: #BuildBlack - Support Black-led-Black-serving organizations. #BuyBlack - Skip the Black Friday sales and buy exclusively from Black-owned businesses. #BankBlack - Move your money out of white-corporate banks that finance our oppression and open accounts with Black-owned banks. White-supremacist-capitalism uses policing to protect profits and steal Black life,” while including the name of John Crawford - a 22-year-old African-American man who was killed in August 2014 inside a Walmart store in Beavercreek, Ohio, by a cop for holding a BB gun that was for sale. “Black Xmas” was reportedly started after Crawford's death.


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The Instagram post also provides a link to its website for resources, where it’s mentioned, “#BUILDBLACK #BUYBLACK #BANKBLACK We’re dreaming of a #Blackxmas. That means no spending with white companies from 11/26/2021 – 01/01/2022,” before adding, “SHOP PLACES LIKE LA’S LEIMERT PARK AND SPEND ONLY WITH BLACK-OWNED BUSINESSES.”

But many people have slammed the move. A user commenting below the Instagram post said, “I am a big advocate and activist against racism, however, No it is not ‘Black Xmas’, it is thankfully CHRISTMAS, a time when we celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. That’s all.” Another one commented, “Not buying from white companies/businesses could potentially hurt all the poc employees that work in those companies/businesses. I’m not saying do it, but I’m also saying take into consideration of the employees.”

A user sarcastically wrote: “Buying from black owned businesses still supports Capitalism lol.” The second one angrily said, “Guess who owns those black corporate banks? The same ppl own the ‘white’ corporate banks. I love that you guys are combating racism with more racism.” “I would never buy black or buy anything because someone had different melanin than someone else. I buy products and use services that are good, period. No skin color needed, because that’s exactly racism,” the third one added.

Several took to Twitter to criticize the idea of “Black Xmas”. A person tweeted, “Your group is totally amazing. Wanting to boycott white business companies during the Christmas holidays. You’re not racist, are you? Sickening and filthy. You were stoking racism over and over and over.”

Another tweet noted: “This organization is a fraud. Ignoring fact and itself is racist. Capitalism is good for everyone. Black unemployment is still at historical lows. But keep making up lies to suit you bogus narrative. Shows how desperate you are for attention.” “BLM is the most racist organization since the KKK.  Overwhelming irony,” the third user slammed.






A user wrote, “This just builds racism. Depends where live. Expect more businesses owned by Chinese in China,  Africans in African, Americans in America, etc. People’s skin will vary in colour. In villages colour will reflect who lives there, some more black or brown or white, etc. No hatred.” “You do realize that there's nothing holding you back from your goals right. If my friends from Africa can come here start a business and do exceptionally well, you can too. Stop being a victim and dividing the country,” a tweet read.




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