‘Black Ink Crew: Compton’: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about VH1’s new tattoo studio-based reality show

VH1's upcoming reality series 'Black Ink Crew: Compton' follows all the drama that goes down in "IAM Compton" tattoo studio - the city's first. Read on to know everything about this show.

                            ‘Black Ink Crew: Compton’: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about VH1’s new tattoo studio-based reality show

VH1’s upcoming reality show ‘Black Ink Crew: Compton’ chronicles the day-to-day operations and drama that goes down in the tattoo studio, IAM Compton. Set in California, we get a glimpse of the personal lives of the employees of the studio and the stories of the customers as they come to get inked.

Release date

The show is set to premiere on August 14, at 10/9C.


'Black Ink Crew: Compton' follows Danny "KP" Kilpatrick as he works towards setting up Compton's first-ever tattoo shop - IAM Compton. Compton has earned a bad reputation for its violent life on the streets. So KP decides to use his tattoo studio as a "safe-zone" for the artists to come to create their art and music. KP has managed to bring together a small crew to help him achieve his goal, the show gives us a sneak-peek into life at the tattoo studio and also their personal lives.

VH1 summarizes the show as, "On 'Black Ink Crew Compton', Danny "KP" Kilpatrick heads up the city's first-ever tattoo shop, IAM Compton. KP and his fellow tattoo artists and friends hustle hard to show off the city's rich cultural history and set out to prove that Compton is more than its reputation."


Danny "KP" Kilpatrick: "KP" as he is popularly known, declared himself as the "Prince of Crompton", and founded the tattoo studio "IAM Compton", to provide a safe haven for the artists in the city. 

Danny "KP" Kilpatrick (Instagram)

Lemeir: Lemeir was a former drug-dealer, which he claims provided him with great "business-acumen". He has an ice-cream truck and wants to get everything right before his first child is born.

Nessie: Nessie is a talented tattoo artist from Philly, who also happens to be fellow-artist Lemeir's friend. She is trying to carve a place for herself in the male-dominated tattoo-artist industry.

Ink Drippin: This free-spirited playboy gets attention from all the ladies, he is also an extremely talented tattoo artist.

Vudu Dahl: Raised in a cult and abused by her step-father, Vudu uses tattooing as her way to escape from the harsh realities of the world. 

Tim: Tim is the manager of the studio and also KP's cousin. He divides his time between maintaining a cordial relationship with his friends who are part of prominent gangs of Compton and devising strategies for furthering the studio's success.

Barbie: Barbie is the shop receptionist and a good friend of KP. Her zero tolerance for bullsh*t will give us plenty of drama.


The show has been executive produced by Dan Cesareo, Doug DePriest, David Wolfgang, Ken Martinez, Rasheed Daniel, Kari Mcfarland, Rick Hankey, and Shelley Sinha.




The trailer gives us a background into the life at Compton, and the various cast members introduce themselves and share their back-story. The trailer looks very interesting and we can't wait to watch the show.

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