'Black Ink Crew': Ryan slammed for lying to Kitty about their relationship, fans say 'she needs to forget him'

'Black Ink Crew': Ryan slammed for lying to Kitty about their relationship, fans say 'she needs to forget him'
Ryan Henry, Kitty Sovain (VH1)

'Black Ink Crew Chicago' returned from its mid-season break and has wasted no time in establishing that the rest of the season is going to be dramatic and one of the main focusses is going to Ryan Henry and Kitty Sovain's relationship. 

They have always shared a great friendship and in order to respect that, they once went out on a casual date, which was more about them sharing their journeys with each other and future goals. The two were in a different city then and it was Ryan who convinced Kitty to come back to Chicago, promising that there would be opportunities for someone as talented as her. 

Ryan may have suggested this out of the goodness of his heart but when Kitty arrived he took a lot of interest in showing the city and spending time with her, which may have convinced Kitty that the two could be something more than friends. Ryan even offered to draw her a tattoo and that too out of the comfort of her own home. Which friend goes out of their way to do so much?

Ryan surely had feelings for Kitty, which he admitted to but has now totally denied it for reasons unknown. It could be that he's trying to figure out if he has real shot at redeeming what's left of his and ex-girlfriend Rachel Leigh's relationship. While that sounds fair, what was really odd was him not remembering that he had once talked about him and Kitty being in a relationship. 

The edit team played those flashback tapes, which made fans go berserk. They have not appreciated Ryan's approach to the matter. 

"One day....Ryan is going to meet the love of his life. He’s gonna settle down....give his whole heart to a woman......and she is going to burn the mess out of him. It will be well deserved. #BlackInkCHI," a fan commented, while another shared: "Honestly, I think Kitty may be overwhelmed and I hope she takes some time to see about herself. She needs to forget Ryan and his fuck boy tendencies and focus on what makes her happy. #BlackInkCHI."

"Oooo Ryan is sooooo trash for that. Oh my gawd. Don't let the good looks fool you. That's garbage. #BlackInkCHI," a user tweeted. "Now Kitt. Everybody know Ryan will NEVER leave Rachel. Sis is like Thanos, she snap her fingers ONE TIME & Ryan comes back #BlackInkChi," another expressed. 

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