'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': Ryan's 'immature' behavior with Kitty in front of ex-girlfriend Rachel draws flak

Ryan went completely silent at Charmaine's gender reveal event because Rachel was around

                            'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': Ryan's 'immature' behavior with Kitty in front of ex-girlfriend Rachel draws flak
Ryan Henry and Kitty Sovain (VH1)

Ryan Henry and Kitty Sovain share chemistry. They are fun and easy-going. But their relationship has not really taken flight. In Wednesday's episode of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago,' there were two sides to Ryan that came to the surface, one when he's around Kitty, the other when Rachel Leigh (ex-girlfriend) is around him. It's almost as if he's two different people.

Kitty wanted to get a tattoo done and that too from Ryan. He obliged, packed his shop and arrived at her residence. As they sat down for a little chat before he got started on the design, he engaged in a fun banter about the home decor and how it's filled with cotton. Later, Kitty told her she'd like to get a mother and baby elephant inked on the back of her calf.

Before Ryan delivered his free-hand masterpiece of a tattoo with tiny details, he even cracked a risque joke: "Get naked, let's do it," to which Kitty laughed uncontrollably. 

Strangely, all that friendship and easiness was gone at the Charmaine Walker's gender reveal event. Ryan was all by himself, sampling food and drinks while Kitty spent her time talking to other guests. In her green-room interview, she appeared confused about Ryan's behavior but was later informed by production that Rachel was at the party too. 

Ryan and Kitty sure have a thing for each other, but for that to flourish he should be able to move on from his past. He enjoys their flirty banter and even meets her up on different occasions, but that is what there is to it. And if he doesn't harbor a different kind of feelings for Kitty then he should be able to talk to her with Rachel around and not ignore her completely.

Meanwhile, fans aren't very appreciative of Ryan's "immature" behavior.

"#BlackInkCHI y’all so damn immature. Ryan, If kit is a friend and you aren’t with Rachel why you actin like school boy? Drop ya nuts and mingle. evrybdy uncomfortable because of you..if you dnt have anything to hide stop acting like it," a fan shared, while another posted:  "Rachel & Ryan have history & a connection. Kitty & Ryan have chemistry & fun. It’s fresh, it’s new, but he ain’t bout ta act a donkey in front of Rachel by being all up in Kitty’s face. #BlackInkChi." "Rachel got a heck of a grip on Ryan! Geez he forget about everyone else, and get nervouswhenevwe she is around! #BlackInkCHI," another user expressed. 

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