'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': Phor meets alleged 17-year-old daughter and mother, fans warn him of a scam

A stranger on Instagram claimed Phor had sex with her sister and they have a daughter together

                            'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': Phor meets alleged 17-year-old daughter and mother, fans warn him of a scam
Phor, Nashauna (VH1)

Phor was in for a rude shock when a stranger reached out to her claiming that he had sex with her sister and they have a 17-year-old daughter from that one time. He could have brushed it under the carpet as one of his many fans trying to reach out to him, but he took it up and even had a video chat to learn if there was any truth to it. 

Even though his buddies — Ryan and Don — didn't think he was tackling it the best way, Phor was emotional. He said even if there was the slightest chance of the story being true, he didn't want to be the father whom his daughter had no idea about.

The recording artist grew up without his dad around only to finally meet him during the last few days of his life. In the previous season, Phor had even turned suicidal and suffered from bouts of depression owing to a rough childhood. A missing-in-action father and a family evicted from the home, the rapper has had it tough ever since he was a child. 

However, Phor agreed to take a test and later, even said he would meet the mother of his alleged daughter. Up until this point, he was sure, but slowly and surely he started to lose confidence in the matter. In the green room interview, Phor said he didn't know if it was for real or a hoax.

As he waited at a coffee shop, visibly anxious, the mother, Nashauna, walked in. They have a little chat trying to trace the timeline of their story, to which she said they had sex in a closet stuffed with garbage bags and even showed him a photo of him and his friend, Jeremy, from that day. Despite all the proof, Phor was just not able to put 2 and 2 together simply because he doesn't remember that night at all.

He was extremely honest with Nashauna in admitting to her that he doesn't recall being in that situation. However, she tried convincing him saying if she hadn't been confident of the truth, they wouldn't be talking to each other. Later, the mother introduced Phor to his alleged daughter, Iyanah, and they both hit off pretty easy with the rapper asking questions about her plans and what she wanted to do when she grew up. 

Even though they departed with a warm hug, Phor still can't put a finger on it and said this is all of the truth that he was looking for. Meanwhile, fans warn him to stay away from the woman as they think it is a possible scam. 

"The girl in person looks completely different from the picture of the girl they sent to Phor," another pointed out.  "Why would you meet this girl before a DNA test?! And she got 6 kids?! CMON PHOR! #BlackInkCHI #BlackInk #BlackInkCrew," a viewer tweeted, while another posted: "It's a scam phor run away."

Whatever the case may be, let's hope Phor is able to get to the bottom of this quick. 

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