'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': Will Ryan's relationship with Kitty be a major storyline for the rest of Season 6?

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago': Will Ryan's relationship with Kitty be a major storyline for the rest of Season 6?
Ryan Henry and Kitty Sovain (VH1)

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Season 6 is all set to return post its mid-season break and from the looks of it, it's going to be explosive. The remaining episodes have been shot by the cast members themselves because all the drama took place when the world hit a pause and shut itself indoors to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

But amid all the crisis, Charmaine Walker and husband Neek Bey are looking forward to welcoming their firstborn, who they plan to name Nola Glenda Bey. And with them preparing for their little one, routine check-ups will form a strong storyline for the coming weeks. Before the show went off-air temporarily, Charmaine was heavily pregnant but still going about her business. She was dedicated to her work at Second City Ink and also coping up with her mother, Glenda Walker's passing.

Even then she didn't forget that life ought to be celebrated and enjoyed no matter what. With the help of Neek, she threw a bridal shower and even got her pregnancy shoot done. It was going great until Charmaine was informed about Ryan Henry trash-talking her to a publication. Ryan and Charmaine used to be great friends at one point, but it soured after he questioned her working capabilities. She left 9mag and opened her own shop to prove a point. But that step didn't serve her too well as the problems won't stop cropping up. 



Despite the differences, Ryan stood by her when her mother passed. But he could do only so much because his personal life is in a mess too. Ryan broke up with girlfriend Rachel Leigh and was seeing Kitty Sovain for a bit. Although they have not made it official, their chemistry is palpable. They seem very invested in each other, which was probably why Kitty was upset when Ryan randomly stopped talking to her in Rachel's presence. 

The Ryan-Rachel-Kitty's equations will be explored further in the rest of the episodes. It'll make for good TV given the jealousy and insecurities that are at play here. Catch the new episodes of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' on VH1 starting from July 6, Monday.

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