'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Episode 8: Every hint showing Ryan and Kitty may be in a relationship

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Episode 8: Every hint showing Ryan and Kitty may be in a relationship
Ryan and Kitty (VH1)

The sexual tension between Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry is palpable. But they're letting it steep before taking it further. 

In this week's episode of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago', the makers dropped multiple hints indicating that Ryan and Kitty could be an item in the near future.  

Ryan encourages Kitty to move to Chicago 

At Charmaine Walker's mother's (Glenda Walker) funeral, Kitty got offered a role at 2nd City Ink by Charmaine. She said she'd love to have her work for her. When Kitty broke the news to Ryan, he was pleasantly surprised and very quick to encourage her to move to Chicago. Kitty promised he'll be seeing more of her.  

Kitty offended with Jessica's moves on Ryan

Ever since Jessica arrived in New Orleans for Charmaine's mother's funeral, she has been wanting to know more about Ryan. They even had a lengthy conversation about each other's tattooing styles. However, after the funeral was all wrapped up, team 2nd City Ink -- Jessica, Draya, and Plug -- along with Ryan and Kitty decided to blow off some steam by heading to a pub, where things went down real quick, at least for Kitty who was witness to Jessica throwing herself at Ryan and the latter showing no interest at all. You could see Kitty's disapproval of the whole situation. She even complained about the entire incident to Charmaine. 


Kitty and Ryan left for her hotel together

Post the pub incident, Ryan and Kitty left the scene for their hotel. Ryan did not return to his rented property (where Team 2nd City Ink has also put up) until the next morning. Upon entering the living area, he gets bombarded with questions from Jessica and Draya. He kept it to a simple "I had a lot of fun" while dodging the bullets.   

Kitty joining 2nd City Ink

To Jessica's dismay, Kitty confirmed her decision to join 2nd City Ink. Jessica was immediately put off not because Kitty was going to be part of the team but because Charmaine didn't check with her first before hiring her. However, Kitty is really happy to be moving base and cannot wait to start work at Charmaine's new shop.

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