'Black Ink Crew': Did Ashley tell Don she's moving with their kids to Texas to annoy him? Fans say 'predictable'

Many fans are of the opinion that she often fights with Don just to annoy him and are certain that the couple will be back together soon

                            'Black Ink Crew': Did Ashley tell Don she's moving with their kids to Texas to annoy him? Fans say 'predictable'
Don Brumfield, Ashley Pickens (VH1)

Don Brumfield and Ashley Pickens' marital drama has taken a new turn in this week's episode of 'Black Ink Crew Chicago.'

After Ashley informs Don that she will be moving to Texas with their sons, he takes legal help to sort the mess out. Don's brother, Phor Brumfield, went with him to see the lawyer who told them that it would be tough for Ashley to take away their children from him if he's an involved father. The moment she moves away for more than 25 miles, the court will ask her for reasons and that alone will help Don build a strong case. 

Don was thrilled to hear about the good chances he has of saving his relationship with his two sons but his joy was brought to a pause when the official mentioned that the authorities will be looking at his past and the kind of equation he shared with Ashley. Don hasn't been the perfect husband. He was embroiled in cheating rumors and was in no position to defend himself because there were pictures of naked women lying on top of him. 

Will they be able to iron out their differences and move on for the sake of their kids? Fans sure think so. Most are of the opinion that Ashley does this often and that too to annoy Don. It's only a matter of time before they are back together. 

"All this back n forth with Don and Ashley is tiring I bet she take him back by the end of the season... too predictable. #BlackInkCHI," a fan commented, while another shared, "Sick of don and ashley this story line is boring at this point #BlackinkCHI." One viewer said, "Ashley wants to move every 2 years, we know you ain’t going nowhere from Don lol. #BlackInkCHI." Another wrote. "Ashley always has an attitude with Don. Can he not have peace in his life? I’m starting to think Ashley loves to fight with Don. #BlackInkCHI." 

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