Black Hammer joins Proud Boys to work against ‘demoncrats and their puppet master Big Pharma'

Black Hammer joins Proud Boys to work against ‘demoncrats and their puppet master Big Pharma'
Black Hammer founder Gazi Kodzo (L) appeared on a podcast with Gavin Mcinnes (Twitter and Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

A Black-led group has joined hands with Proud Boys to work against “demoncrats and their puppet master”. Black Hammer, which “exists to take the Land Back for all colonized people worldwide”, has made the coalition announcement with Proud Boys on Twitter. Proud Boys is a self-described “men’s organization for ‘Western chauvinists’ and has often fought with left-wing activists.”

Taking to Twitter on Monday, December 13, Black Hammer said: “You heard it here first! The Black Hammer Organization and the Proud Boys are FORMING A COALITION to defeat the disgusting p*do-loving, welfare economy demoncrats and their puppet master, BIG PHARMA who has been poisoning all of us for too long.” They also vowed to “defeat Fauci’s mandate and the left”.


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The anti-capitalist group also shared clips of a recent podcast between Black Hammer founder Gazi Kodzo (aka Augustus Romain, Jr.) and Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, who told Kodzo: “You were there from day one. We say ‘Uhuru’ because of you.” Reportedly, “uhuru” means “freedom” in Swahili.




The unexpected announcement has left many surprised as well as skeptical because while the two groups share some common enemies, they are quite different. Also, Black Hammer shared clips on Twitter that showed McInnes, who is no longer with Proud Boys. Now, Enrique Tarrio is the leader of the group.

A user sarcastically tweeted, “Black Hammer and Proud Boys joining forces sounds like an episode of South Park.” The second user said, “Wtf is black hammer … I feel like I should know as an African American, yet I already am hating the group by what I’m hearing. Especially with them teaming up with Proud Boys.” Posting a funny photo, a person wrote, “Look, it’s a picture from their very first meeting!” “This is the funniest thing ive seen this month,” another one added.





However, there were a few who did not seem much astonished because of the partnership and began slamming the two groups. A person commented, “Both groups believe in the establishment of ethnostates for specific groups of people who shouldn't mix, so it's not that weird at the end of the day.” “This is like when Cobra from G I Joe and the Deceptions from transformers teamed to become Cobracon,” another one said.




A critic wrote, “The most cursed rainbow coalition.” Another one mentioned: “thats not gonna end well, yall better sleep with one eye open cause at the end there is only gonna be one group standing and it is gonna be a bloodbath.”



Meanwhile, Black Hammer issued a statement to Gateway Pundit saying: “BLM and Antifa goons immediately took to Twitter to decry our organization, and our work feeding the homeless from Atlanta, to Chicago, to Los Angeles, to Nairobi, in Kenya. Back in January, it was Black Hammer who declared war against Antifa terrorists, who were burning down Black and Brown Communities. Now, less than a year later, we are blessed to be building bridges between working class and poor people of color and working class and poor White people to stand up for our Constitutional rights.”

“If there was any doubt that Black Hammer is the vanguard against Big Pharma and the fascist left-wing regime, we have closed out the year brushing these doubts to the roadside. The year 2022 only promises bigger and more exciting developments for Black Hammer. Through incalculable odds, fighting against liberal censorship, jail time, and social media woke mobs, Black Hammer emerges at the front of a glorious movement taking the world by storm,” the statement concluded.

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