'Birds of Prey' new trailer finds Harley Quinn not quite fantabulously emancipated but with mutual friends

A new trailer of the Margot Robbie starrer 'Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn' tells us her break up with the Joker was mutual. Speaking of mutual, she finds her feet with friends who share a mutual cause

                            'Birds of Prey' new trailer finds Harley Quinn not quite fantabulously emancipated but with mutual friends
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in 'Birds of Prey'. (YouTube screenshot)

Hyenas apparently make for a great company if you are going through a breakup, especially if you "named him Bruce after that hunky Wayne guy"! This might be a special case, as Harley's Quinn's break up with Joker is as complicated as it can get.

So in 'Birds of Prey', Quinn is mainly trying to get over her toxic relationship with the Joker and escaping the many guys who want her dead. On a side note, she also takes steps to liberate herself from memories of the Joker and that includes bombing the chemical factory where he had transformed her into Harley Quinn. 

She still cackles and has her guns blazing, action-ready for everything that comes her way. Yet, she mopes in the privacy of four walls at the loss of her intriguing relationship with Joker.

It is interesting how she seeks company by convincing a group of women to carry out a plan against the one man who wants them all killed in 'Birds of Prey'. The 'Birds of Prey' trailer is reminiscent of when a girlfriend goes through a rough break up and all efforts are made to distract her by taking her on road trips or introducing her to interesting new hobbies.

A still of Harley Quinn in 'Birds of Prey'. (Source: YouTube screenshot)

Only, there is a dark, vibrant twist. After all, we are speaking of Harley Quinn here, how can there not be color? She tells us the break up with the Joker was a mutual decision, but she was essentially thrown out of a car.

She tells us and herself she is better after this breakup, a goddess who is ready to do and feel everything she was meant to. Instead, she is in her pajamas sobbing her guts out.

Presumably, because Harley doesn't have friends, she tries to form a bond with other women who are hunted by the same man who wants Harley herself dead. In the guise of helping each other deal with crime lord  Roman Sionis aka Black Mask, a team of women including Harley, Huntress, Rene Montoya, Black Canary and Cassandra Cain, team up. 


Each of them has done something to earn his wrath. One killed his best friend, one robbed him, one betrayed him and one had the guts to build a criminal case against him. 

The liberation that Harley desired the most, which she experienced in the Joker's company is what she seeks to regain and in her current company, she does so with style. This is Harley's party and she plans on enjoying every bit of it; while also getting over the Joker. 

Other than the plot, the trailer also features some stunning action sequences. One of the things that we also see is a Black Canary's powers, especially that of the Canary Cry when she attacks a group of men who tried to corner her. We have Harley who does what she does best -- hit it out of the park!

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