'One World': Billy Lockett's moving video is a tribute to humanity and medical workers fighting the pandemic

The song is the first single off the artiste's one-off album featuring modern classical piano tracks inspired by the current period of isolation

                            'One World': Billy Lockett's moving video is a tribute to humanity and medical workers fighting the pandemic
Billy Lockett (Courtesy Olivia Rose)

British musician Billy Lockett has unveiled the music video for 'One World', the first single from a one-off benefit album of modern classical piano tracks inspired by this time of self-reflection. As the coronavirus-induced period of self-isolation continues, Lockett found himself inspired to record and release a modern classical album of piano-based instrumental tracks, after spending lockdown in his dad's old house back home in Northampton, England. The feelings he experienced became the muse for the project, which in turn became a cathartic way of dealing with the lockdown.

The first track taken from the album is 'One World' which drops alongside an accompanying music video today. Written and recorded somewhat on the cuff, Lockett drew a musical link to the coronavirus as he explains: "I wanted to make a piece of music where it felt like the notes were infecting each other creating a slow build from calm to chaos. 'One World' flew out of me, I kinda wrote it on the spot as the recording was rolling so I think that gave it an organic realness to it from the start."



Speaking about the accompanying music video, Lockett states, "All the paintings in the video were painted by my dad who passed away 6 years ago. I felt extremely close to him making this video and have always wanted to really show off the amazing talent he had! I wanted to create something haunting as it can be really tough being alone but also very comforting to know there are always people with you in spirit and in memory. This video was totally home-brewed (for obvious reasons) and shot over a couple of days. The whole point of the song is about all of us staying at home being surrounded by the things and people we love (hence the cameo from my cat Barney) haha. And although we are apart we can be at home together on this planet...our One World."

Lockett is one of Northampton's most loved musical exports. Known for his mix of soulful vocals, timeless songwriting, and mastery of the piano, the artiste has shared his deeply personal experiences via a series of critically acclaimed singles. During this time of extreme crisis around the globe, Billy hopes to celebrate the best in humanity and pay tribute in some way to those we have lost as well as key workers who continue to risk their own lives to help others.

Cover art for Billy Lockett's 'One World' (Courtesy of Covered PR)

His new album entitled 'Together At Home' is a collection of modern classical instrumental tracks, inspired by this current time of self-reflection, which focuses on his intimate and elegant musicianship. With some of the profits going to the National Emergencies Trust charity, the 11-track offering boasts stunning re-workings of some of his most popular tracks alongside brand-new compositions, written specifically for the project. Speaking about his creation, Lockett shares, "This is something totally different I have always wanted to do, and since learning to produce myself I felt the urge to make it. Making this album during lockdown was like therapy to me and even though my dad's not around anymore it's definitely brought me closer to him."

Stream 'One World' now HERE. 'Together At Home' drops on June 26. Pre-order the album HERE. Follow Billy Lockett on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube for more.

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