'Billions' Season 5: Should the show showcase more of its elegant food in the second half?

'Billions' Season 5: Should the show showcase more of its elegant food in the second half?

To quite simply roll out a one-word answer, it would be yes. 'Billions' might be a complex financial drama, but it's also about the lifestyle of a money man. The paintings, the culture, the clothing, the cars, the women. Just about everything is what almost every man or woman in the world wants to be or have and live the experience. And in all this, one of the things that's mouth-watering other than the plot is the fine and elegant food showcased in the hit Showtime series.

In Season 5, for some reason, the food part seems to have taken a bit of a backseat. The couple of instances we see some delicious food laid out is when Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) treats artist Nico Tanner (Frank Grillo) to Manhattan's scrumptious Una Pizza Napoletana. To add to it, he shows off his chef, likening him to an artist and his pizza to a slice of pure artistry. "So Anthony, my new pizza guy. He's a lot like you, a true artist. Take a bite, tell me I'm wrong." In response, "Mmm. Wow. F**k," was all Tanner could muster.

That said, the second instance is on the mid-season finale, 'The Limitless S**t' where Axe, Tanner, Wendy (Maggie Diff), Maria Sharapova, Wags (David Costabile) and his girlfriend end up in an awkward dinner conversation over Chef Ryan's (Timothy Davis) home-made sushi and sashimi as well as other small Japanese bites, and add to this, a couple of Hole-in-the-wall joints. To sum up, the mid-season finale treated its audience to a visual treat in addition to the explosive storyline.

Fans on Reddit too have loved the foodie culture shown in 'Billions'. "Yes! I love that they are shown to appreciate good food, fresh food and also slow food. It goes well with the 'foodie' culture today. That the focus is not just on the quick and dirty," a comment reads and the views shared by other fans mirror the same. It was in short all about the food culture 'Billions' has consciously integrated and the fact that it was sorely missed was debated upon.

The Rosa's pizza, Brazen Fox, Hunt and Fish Club, Carpe Donut NC are just a few in the quite a long-list of foodie places seen on 'Billions' and hopefully, the second half of the season when will bring with it a generous dose of exquisite food to tickle the taste buds.

'Billions' Season 5 is available for streaming on the Showtime app.

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