‘Billions’ Season 5 Episode 3: Will Wags accept his ‘Jesus freak’ son, how many children does he really have?

‘Billions’ Season 5 Episode 3: Will Wags accept his ‘Jesus freak’ son, how many children does he really have?
Mike Wagner (Showtime)

Bobby Axelrod's (Damian Lewis) beloved right-hand man, Mike Wagner (David Costabile) is perhaps, one of TV's most sassy characters. Excruciatingly loyal, he stands by his boss like honey bee sticks to a honeycomb.

But, he is a mysterious man. A self-proclaimed drug addict and sex addict, he's the guy who can't even count the number of kids he has. In this episode, Wags gets emotional after he witnesses a father-son conversation between Bobby and his son Gordie Axelrod (Jack Gore) and utters, “What a show of parentage!”

He is so influenced that he tells Hall (Terry Kinney) to find his lost sons, especially the oldest one. Oh, and he hears from his kids soon. "You ever try talking to a 14-year-old girl on FaceTime?" he asks Bobby. And soon, he is disappointed to know that his oldest son, Georgie, runs a cannabis business. Bobby then advises him: “Don't beat yourself up on this, Wags. Fathering ain't easy."

Wags (Showtime)

After watching ‘Beg, Bribe, Bully’, fans can't help but wonder how many children Wags really has? "Axe's exemplary(!) parenting inspires Wags to reach out to ALL of his children?!?! How many are there?" one posted and another said, "At least one good thing coming out of this was Wags wanting to see about his kids. #Billions." Another fan wrote, "Man, Axe’s Speech at the school? Come on, you’re a bit harsh man. And, Wags has actual kids out there. The Rhodes family moment was messed up and wild though."

Shocked after watching the scene, one fan said, "Hold the f**king presses!!! Wags has kids?!! Plural?!!!!" and another posted, "Genuinely intrigued by all of Wags' children. How many are there? 10+?#Billions." One tweet read, "I wonder if Wags had more kids than Thomas Jefferson at this point.... #billions," and another said, "Wags has AT LEAST 3 kids. But definitely more??"

As the episode comes to a close, Wags comes face-to-face with Georgie boy. Ah, but wait. Wags is more interested in his locket with a crucifix on it. "What is this?" he asks, to which his son replies, "Dad, I've made a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And I'm here to share Him with you."

Wags (Showtime)

The look on Wags' face right after is enough to explain what goes in his heart. "Wags’s kid is a Jesus freak. I’m f**king dead," one fan posted after watching the scene and another said, "Wags son is a Jesus freak lol lol." Another posted, "Lmaooooo WAGS’s son is a born again Christian. He must be dying inside! #Billions." One wrote, "Wags + Jesus - so wrong, @briankoppelman." 

Fans weren't able to keep calm after that scene. One wrote, "The look on Wags’ face when he gets the good news is as priceless as when he found out he failed The Chris Rock Test," and another said, "Wags' son being a born again Christian is GREAT."

Will Wags be able to accept his oldest son, Georgie? And will it change him? As more episodes of 'Billions' airs on Showtime every Sunday, 9 pm ET, it will be interesting to see Wags' relationship with his kid(s) and find out how many there are in total.

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