'Billions' season 4 episode 2: Axe is bent on revenge while Chuck has plans that threaten to spill secrets

Come Sunday, episode two of 'Billions' will see Axe doubling his efforts to bring Taylor down while Chuck takes on an enemy from the past

                            'Billions' season 4 episode 2: Axe is bent on revenge while Chuck has plans that threaten to spill secrets

The dream team may have finally come together for this season of Showtime's 'Billions', but there's still plenty of trouble ahead for the gang.

With the two most powerful men in New York — hedge fund giant Bobby Axelrod and former US Attorney Chuck Rhoades — becoming allies, 'Billions' has really thrown a curveball at us. From the looks of it, episode two will continue with the shocks. The season premiere saw the two fighting their own battles — Axe trying hard to get back on his feet, retain his clients and stop Taylor Maison from getting investors for her new company and Chuck struggling to get his life back together after being fired.


Come Sunday, we will see Axe doubling his efforts to bring Taylor down. He couldn't stop the Sheikh from getting the deal done with Taylor — thanks to Grigor Andolov — but, knowing Axe, there's no way that it's the only game up his sleeve. 'Billions' is, after all, all about mind games that it's characters play with each other to push their own agendas.

However, so far, it seems like Taylor, Axe's former protege, has been a step ahead the entire time. Remember when she said she had a lot to learn from Axe? Well, in episode 1, it appeared as though Axe could take a lesson or two from Asia Kate Dillion's Taylor Maison. To go from being someone's employee to trying to overtake their boss' company really does say something about the character. 


The promo for the episode suggests that Wags, aka Mike Wagner, Axe's right-hand man, isn't too happy with the fact that Axe is only focused on revenge. "Street's gonna start wondering if you care more about revenge than making money," he warns Axe in a meeting. "What we need is a meaningful partnership," he says. This means that there's a huge chance that Axe is actually ready to make an under-the-table deal to send Taylor crashing and burning.

It's not all anger and frustration for Axe in episode 2, however. The synopsis for the episode also reveals something exciting for Axe — he meets a venture capitalist and the two hit it off.


Meanwhile, Chuck sets his sights on a new position. After giving away his park anywhere in New York permit to get a VIP a permit to carry a concealed weapon for a client, Chuck's definitely on fire.

At the begining of the episode, it didn't feel like he would make it, but he did, and how! This time, he goes after Bryan Connelly. One of the two people who betrayed him last season, Chuck starts a formal war with Brian and, clearly, Brian is pissed about it. Who wouldn't be if the man you kicked out was fighting to get to a position higher than you? But Chuck has his secrets and this move threatens to expose them. 

Catch episode 2 of 'Billions' on Sunday, March 24 at 9 pm on Showtime.   

You can watch the promo below.