'Billions' season 4 episode 1: Chuck Rhoades proves that he's more than just a job position

'Billions' season 4 episode 1: Chuck Rhoades proves that he's more than just a job position

This season has to be Chuck Rhoades' time to shine once again. Showtime's 'Billions' came back with an all-new season this Sunday and the premiere episode set the tone for the rest of the episodes to follow. The world Bobby Axelrod and Chuck live may be at war, but clearly, Chuck has battles of his own and in many ways, it was the most interesting part about this episode.



In season 3's epic finale, we saw Chuck, the former US Attorney General for Southern District of New York State being dethroned from office after he got double-crossed by his young and tenacious subordinates. At the time, Kate Sacker, Bryan Connerty, and Oliver Dake, who were once his most trusted people gather in his office to kick him out the door. He left graciously, accepting that he had indeed been outsmarted but we knew that Chuck isn't the type to go down quietly.

As it turned out, fate did have a plan for him. His arch-nemesis, Axe, shows up at his door after he's fired and he, Wendy and Axe hatch the game plan to take down their common enemies. This itself was a curveball we didn't see as the entire story arc of this show has been based on these two men at each other's throats. Season 4 starts off with them being allies - and you know what? It's actually nice when they look out for each other. 



In season 4's premiere episode, Axe finds himself in hot water after Taylor Maison, his former protege turned competitor starts off her own company and is taking away his filthy rich clients. He has a lot to lose - and it shows. For the first time ever, Axe is struggling to get it right with his business and gets outsmarted at every turn. Taylor's got his pulse point, his company Axe Capital, in jeopardy after all. Chuck, on the other hand, is a man with nothing to lose but everything to gain and is making the best of it. 

After feeling down in the dumps for a while because he was unable to figure out a gun permit for a VIP that his influential father sent to him as a client, he thinks he's done for. Wendy steps in and so does his dad and they fire him up to do whatever he can to get the permit so that he can get back on his feet. He eventually does get the job done but not before he had to go through hell and back for it. It's a very sharp contrast to the sassy man that Chuck used to be. He had the badge then but now, he has to win with nothing but his bare hands. This episode really brings out Chuck Rhoades' resourceful, savvy and intelligent nature and proves that he's more than just his position. With him and Axe on the same page, Taylor Maison may need to watch out. 

Catch episode 2 of 'Billions' on Sunday, March 24 at 9 pm on Showtime   

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