"Why would you expose your child to this?" Billie Faiers slammed for sharing 'inappropriate' picture of daughter Nelly, 4, in the bath

'Mummies Diaries' star Billie Faiers was slammed by a lot of women followers on social media for uploading a photograph of daughter Nelly while she was having a bubble bath.

                            "Why would you expose your child to this?" Billie Faiers slammed for sharing 'inappropriate' picture of daughter Nelly, 4, in the bath

Billie Faiers has been posting pictures of their family vacation on social media lately. However, one of her posts seems to have incensed a lot of women who have taken to slamming her for it. Billie had shared a picture of her 4-year-old daughter Nelly while she was in the bath.

The 28-year-old received quite a lot of flak for sharing the "inappropriate" photograph. The picture shows Nelly smiling at the camera as she was in a bubble bath at their hotel. Billie posted the photograph along with the caption, "Me and my little lady chilling and room service tonight ...Its been an amazing first half term at school, time to relax my little honey .... yeah right!"

Billie's picture was slammed by some of her followers who deemed that the picture was inappropriate for social media. One user wrote, "I would never dream of putting a picture of my daughter on here in the bath too many dangers lurking behind the screen these days why would expose your child to this?"


While another fan added, "Think this photo has overstepped the mark here, totally not for your thousand of follows who you have no idea who or what they are". A third friend added, "Would you allow strangers to watch your child in the bath? Well, you've just shown your child in the bath to the world, permanently!"

Another person added: "Please take down right away. We love little Nellie, but this is not an appropriate picture for social media."

Many fans were quick to defend Billie as well and criticized people for taking the post too seriously, one fan said, "Listen to all the keyboard warriors. I love this photo. Makes you more normal and takes away the fact you are a celebrity. I see photos like this daily on Facebook or Snapchat of friends children."

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Another fan said, "She’s covered her so why does it matter it’s her baby girl she can post what she wants?". There were quite a few who didn't seem to see what the fuss was all about and someone even expressed their wish to see little Nelly get a reality TV show of her own because the girl was a star in her own right. 

Billie's daughter Nelly garnered her own fan following when she was seen on 'The Mummy Diaries'. Billie and her 27-year-old sister Sam shared that the show will be returning to screens and shared a clip of the new series with fans.