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Is Billie Eilish's beau racist and homophobic? Matthew Tyler Vorce once used 'N-word'

A Twitter thread shared screenshots of Facebook comments apparently made by Billie Eilish's boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce
UPDATED JUN 14, 2021
Billie Eilish and boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images/Instagram@corduroygraham)
Billie Eilish and boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images/Instagram@corduroygraham)

Billie Eilish, who is currently 19, is reportedly dating 29-year-old Matthew Tyler Vorce and she has been slammed several times on the internet for the huge age gap between the two. If this was not enough, the singer’s beau was trending on Twitter over the weekend after some of his earlier racist and homophobic Facebook comments resurfaced online.

Social media users were quick to cancel Eilish’s boyfriend after he dropped the “F-bomb” in one of his earlier comments on social media and in another he reportedly used the N-word. Eilish, herself was in soup recently when she got dragged on Twitter for queerbaiting after the release of her latest song ‘Lost Cause’ where she is seen at a slumber party with a group of girls, dancing, eating whipped cream, playing Twister and rolling around on top of each other. Eilish was also in news recently when she sparked a debate on skin show post her Vogue photoshoot. 

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Is Billie Eilish’s boyfriend racist and homophobic?

It all started when a thread on Twitter shared the screenshots of Facebook comments apparently made by Matthew. In one of the screenshots, Matthew posted, “Hell no (N-word) you got that Instagram money" while in another comment he used the word “f****t”. The thread also shared that some of his friends have also been defending Matthew’s apparent racist and homophobic actions.

Matthew also got slammed for his earlier misogynistic comment on Facebook where he wrote, “When I see a pretty girl walking down the street I think two things, one part of me wants to take her out, and talk to her and be real nice, and treat her right. The other part of me wants to know what her head would look like on a stick.” Speaking of Eilish and Matthew, the rumored couple was recently papped at Disneyland spending quality time with each other.



‘Why isn’t anyone dragging Billie Eilish and her creepy boyfriend’

As soon as Matthey’s earlier comment resurfaced on Twitter, a lot of social media users slammed him and Eilish as well. One user shared, “I find it so funny that people are jumping to conclusions about billie eilish queerbaiting, y'all do fucking know she isnt tied down to one fucking gender, she can like girls and still have a boyfriend but y'all ignore how her boyfriend is literally homophobic and racist??” Another posted, “More and more people are canceling Billie Eilish for dating a boyfriend who is allegedly racist. Could someone please explain to me exactly what this is all about? This is totally disturbing.”
The next individual added, “That fuckin age difference is what gets me thats red flag number one, the fact the guy is an immature/edgy try hard shit head should be no surprise. Dude thinks it's cool basically dating a child into his damn 30's. Gonna be a good album from this breakup.” Meanwhile, one noted, “Anyone really shocked over Billie Eilish boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce being disgusting? After all he has tattoos of the occult & satanic messages on him. I’m glad I was never a fan of hers. This shows she’s like him being homophobic & racist. Btw her eyes tell you everything.” Another person stated, “Ah, billie eilish turning on her fans because her gross, predatory boyfriend has racist, misogynist, homophobic posts in his past. hell world keeps turning.” One chimed, “So why do we stan Billie Eilish again? Her boyfriend is literally homophobic & racist.... and she just doesn’t care.” Another said, “Why isn’t anyone dragging Billie Eilish and her 30 year old racist, homophobic & creepy boyfriend,” as one concluded, “Billie Eilish having a racist boyfriend is very white woman of her.”