Legend Bill Nye tackles racism through science, but Internet slams 'wrong' theory and 'left wing' agenda 

Legend Bill Nye tackles racism through science, but Internet slams 'wrong' theory and 'left wing' agenda 
Bill Nye (Getty Images)

William Sanford Nye, also known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, was the latest to take to Twitter to spread awareness about racial inequalities and injustice. However, doing what he does best, Nye used theories and science to explain the variations in the skin complexions of people across the globe. 

In the TikTok video, Nye begins by talking about the amount of ultraviolet light that falls on each latitude. He explains that the closer you are to the equator, the intensity of the light is larger. Displaying another global map with shades of brown spread across it, Nye further explains, “It turns out that everybody on Earth is descendant of people who live in Africa. And then, when groups of us moved around the world, the color of our skin had to change.”

In the later segment, he goes on to lay down the science behind the difference in people’s skin color. “Because the ultraviolet varies, the color of our skin varies. And that’s it, everybody. That’s why we have different colored skin, but we are all one species. We are not treating each other fairly. Not everybody is getting an even shake.”

Many Twitter users were simply pleased to watch Nye educate people about racism using a rather different approach. One wrote, “Leave it to Bill Nye to break it down so that even MAGATs and their fellow racists can understand. Not that they will accept it, but still... #OnePeopleDifferentColors.”

However, a few expressed their share of doubts upon watching Nye’s video demanding more facts and resources.  “The one thing that bothers me about Bill Nye is that I can't remember a single instance _ever_ where he cited a single source or experimenter. I could definitely be wrong, but, in the end, that's why he feels preachy to me” read a tweet. One user claimed that Nye’s theory was incorrect and also noted that all races aren’t the same. They wrote “People are different and distinct even among the same race. You can’t freely exchange organs, blood, etc. Certain races have to worry about different health outcomes and in medicine those differences manifest. Bill nye is simply wrong.” 

And some have pointed out that they just can’t take Nye seriously, especially after watching his latest TikTok video, “Bill Nye the fake Science guy dresses up some left wing race prop in a Tik Tok (of course) video, and the unread call it "Science". While, they sit there with their hands out. How Twitter,” tweeted one.


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