Bill Clinton 'petrified' Hillary will divorce him amid claims he visited Epstein's orgy island, says close friend

Bill Clinton 'petrified' Hillary will divorce him amid claims he visited Epstein's orgy island, says close friend
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Former President Bill Clinton is reportedly "petrified" of the fact that his wife and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will divorce him as reports emerged of him visiting disgraced pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's orgy island. 

A lifelong friend of the couple spoke to The Sun that there remains a good chance that Hillary might leave Bill because "she doesn't need him anymore" now she's not running for office and would be keen to avoid any further negative publicity that could prove to be the "final straw" in her political career. The friend claimed that in the 2000s, when  Hillary lived in Washington DC and her husband lived in New York, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee used to have somebody reporting into her on Bill's whereabout, which clearly suggests that she found it difficult to trust her husband, especially after Bill's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky when he was in office. 

"Now Hillary is no longer running for office of any kind - what Bill is worried about is that she has no reason to stay with him," the friend said. "He's petrified she will leave him. He just sits at home, he's in poor health, watching TV around the clock. Hillary has all the money she needs, she's busy with her new podcast - she doesn't really need him for anything."

Former U.S. President William J. Clinton (R), his wife U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and daughter Chelsea (L) listen to speakers at the dedication of the William J. Clinton Presidential Center November 18, 2004 in Little Rock, Arkansas. (Getty Images)

The pal added: "Since the Monica Lewinsky scandal, there's been many allegations of womanizing leveled at Bill, but he's never really commented on any of them until the claims about visiting Epstein's island. He felt he had to issue a strong denial of this because he thinks Hillary might leave him. This one really worries him because of the attention it's getting and of course because of Epstein's links with underage girls. He's afraid if there are any further embarrassing allegations it could be the final straw."

Back in August, Bill issued a strong denial that he had ever visited Epstein's private Caribbean island - Little St James. However, in a Vanity Fair interview, longtime aide Doug Band claimed on December 2 that the former POTUS had indeed visited the island in January 2003. A Clinton spokesperson has since told the publication that the president had never been to the island and provided detailed travelogue entries for the time period despite Bill being listed as traveling on Epstein's private jet a number of times. 

The close friend said that Bill issued a strong denial because Hillary was hoping to bag a position of some kind in the Biden administration. "Hillary is hoping to do something in the Biden administration and does not need this right now," the source said. "I don't think her being married or not would make a difference to getting a position there, so it could be easier to just step away. Allegations of womanizing have been a constant in their marriage and Hillary has always put up to it but only to an extent."

"There has been talk of divorce - through the Monica scandal, through all these things, of course there was, but there never could be a divorce. Now there could. I don't think she will at this stage, but Bill certainly thinks it is a possibility. Their marriage stopped being a marriage after Chelsea was born - there was no intimacy," the pal said. 

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