Who is Mel Ter Wisscha? Comanchero Bikie boss Mark Buddle's ex partner detained in Turkey

Who is Mel Ter Wisscha? Comanchero Bikie boss Mark Buddle's ex partner detained in Turkey
Mel denied meeting ex partner Mark Buddle and said only their kids were in contact with him (Image courtesy: Facebook)

Mel Ter Wisscha, fugitive biker Mark Buddle’s former partner, has been detained in Instanbul's Immigration centre over visa troubles. Almost a dozen police officers stopped her as she attempted to leave the Bodrum, Turkey, resort she was staying in. It has been three days since, and Mel has yet to receive an update about the issue, reports said. This news comes days after she announced that the couple hasn't met in almost a year now.

"I haven't seen Mark for a year. He's the father of my children. They see him; I don't," she told The Daily Telegraph. Buddle, the kingpin of controversial biker group Comanchero, had left Dubai after he was spotted fighting with tourists at a resort. On the other hand, Mel was enjoying a lavish getaway at the D Maris Bay Resort.


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Her capture is presumably attributed to her supposed links with Buddle. Her vacation resort cost almost $11,000 per night, and she was modelling luxury handbags in Turkey. After being detained, she told the cops that she had not met her husband for a year and was visibly "upset" at her arrest. Buddle was arrested on July 9 in Northern Cyprus. It is rumoured that he married another woman secretly who happens to be an employee of his.

A source close to Mel explained how she was detained from the resort, "She was leaving a hotel in Bodrum, and about 15 police pulled her over and began going through all her stuff and checking passports."

They added, "They made her sign something in Turkish, even though she couldn't understand it, but she was not under arrest – she kept asking them, 'am I under arrest' and they said no. Basically, they've said to her that she's a risk because of her husband. She told them they aren't together and haven't seen each other in a year, but they took her to a police station and then to an immigration centre."

Mel is now in a fully-secured detention centre where her family can meet her for 15 minutes every day. In her previous statements, she had said, "I haven't left Turkey. My kids have gone to and from (Northern Cyprus), but I have stayed away." The biker became the gang's kingpin in 2009 after its former leader Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi was arrested. He and Mel were in Dubai previously when Buddle was labeled a POI over a 2010 case involving murder and an armed robbery.


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He also juggled other countries like Greece and Iraq before settling in North Cyprus. He got a residency permit by claiming that his high income would also be profitable for North Cyprus. However, later, authorities stated that his presence was a threat to the peace of the public. 

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