'Big Sky': Why did Jenny sleep with Cody after he cheated on her? Fans say, 'Sex doesn't fix your relationship'

Fans are not able to understand the love triangle in the show

                            'Big Sky': Why did Jenny sleep with Cody after he cheated on her? Fans say, 'Sex doesn't fix your relationship'

'Big Sky' is here and it's got all that you need in a crime show, sleazy truck drivers kidnapping and tazing young girls, a love triangle between detectives and a city sprawling with strange characters who call their wives 'mother'. Ryan Phillippe plays the role of detective Cody Hoyt, while his wife Jenny is played by Katheryn Winnick. They have issues to sort out, as they're meant to be separated, but Phillippe is still channeling his 'Cruel Intentions' character Sebastian it seems. He sleeps with Jenny's best friend Cassie (Kylie Bunbury), which Jenny finds out about. Jenny isn't pleased and engages in a furious bar brawl with Cassie. And then plot twist....bigger than the ones related to crime in the show....Jenny wants to work on her relationship with Cody and they have sex. Why? 

Fans are a little perplexed with this turn of events. "Jenny sex can't fix a relationship. Sometimes sex is just sex .#BigSky," a fan tweeted. "Did she just thank her cheating husband for sex??? #BigSky," another tweeted.  "If a man/woman is not officially divorced stay away or else risk being played #BigSky," another wrote. "Cruel Intentions is still sexy, huh. #BigSky," a fan tweeted. "Cody got too much going on with these women already. Calling his current woman while crawling outta bed with his old woman. #BigSky," another fan wrote. 











The pilot is proving to be an exciting one, despite these love triangles. Creepy truck driver Ronald Pergman is kidnapping and tazing young women on highways and not killing them, but keeping some other horrific plans in mind for them. He shares a 'Psycho-'esque relationship with his mother, and fans are already calling him the Norman Bates of Montana. It remains to be seen if the Hoyts can keep aside their convoluted love lives and go, rescue the missing women.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, producer David E Kelley known for 'Big Little Lies' and 'The Undoing', opened up about the show. "I've loved the books by CJ Box," said Kelley. "Fantastic characters, fantastic setting in Montana. It's a bit of a thriller ride but also a character piece."
He promised that there are going to be some ugly revelations and secrets, along the way. "There's also a lot of dark secrets and ugliness that goes on. So, one moment you'll be leaning in, the next moment not so much. We think of this as a thrill ride, and a great piece of entertainment at 10 o'clock at night. We've got a lot of great characters that you'll come to feel for and care for as the series evolves." 

'Big Sky' airs on ABC, Tuesdays at 10 pm. 

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