'Big Sky' Episode 5: Will Ryan Phillippe's Cody return? Fans refuse to believe he's dead till they see his body

'Big Sky' Episode 5: Will Ryan Phillippe's Cody return? Fans refuse to believe he's dead till they see his body

'Big Sky' premiered with a bang. It was expected that Ryan Phillippe's Cody Hoyt would be the lead, but much to the shock of fans, he was shot dead in the first episode itself. Rick Legarski (John Carroll-Lynch) shot him point-blank. Though we never saw his body, we did see Rick Legarski burying his car into the ground. Fans still refuse to believe that he is dead and have come up with some wild theories on how he could have survived.

In the episode, while Legarski yells at Ronald as people are slowly gathering clues about the missing girls as well as Cody's murder, Ronald tells him that it's because of him, they're in this mess, as HE had killed a cop. "Gosh DARNIT....Does that mean Cody@RyanPhillippe is D E A D? #BigSky," a fan wrote.


Well, we didn't see Cody's body...so fans are still praying that he might be alive. Fans only get relief from watching Cody in flashbacks, as he was caught in a love triangle between Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) and Jenny (Katheryn Hoyt). "I still don't believe Cody is dead lol im not believing it until I see his dead body #BigSky," a fan wrote.


Well, it means they could face execution if they're both caught. But here's the truth. 'Big Sky' is the adaptation of CJ Box's 'The Highway' which chronicles the grim tale of private detective Cody and his ex-partner Cassie Dewellas as they work together to find the creepy serial killer Ron Perghman, who abducts women on lonely highways, a trope we're all probably exhausted with.

Cody was a character in two of his books, 'Three Weeks To Say Goodbye' and 'Back of Beyond', and then became the protagonist in 'The Highway'. While in the middle of investigating the disappearance of his son's girlfriend and the possibility of a trucker sex trafficking ring, Cody's fate becomes sealed. Just like on the show,  Legarski shoots him just as Cody pieces the truth about the nearby church that is involved with the abductions.

"@BigSkyABC @MrJCLynchRonald took the teens, Rick killed Cody that equals big time execution for the both of them if they get caught! #BigSky," a fan wrote.


So, sorry folks. Unless Cody's brought back by some miracle, he's gone for sure. 'Big Sky' airs on ABC on Tuesdays at 10 pm.

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