'Big Sky' Episode 4: Is creepy Ronald playing homewrecker? Fans say taking Legarski's wife dancing is 'genius'

Ronald pulls the moves on Legarski's wife and fans are all for it

                            'Big Sky' Episode 4:  Is creepy Ronald playing homewrecker? Fans say taking Legarski's wife dancing is 'genius'

Things are getting downright creepy on 'Big Sky'. Ronald is going on a wild spin. It's not enough that he is involved in abductions of women and selling them off, and that he has a twisted relationship with his mother, he now is trying to pull the moves on the Sheriff's wife. Sheriff Rick Legarski isn't one to mess with, as we know. He's also part of the sex-trafficking ruckus and doesn't think much of blood when he is angry.

In the first episode itself, we saw Legarski( John Carroll-Lynch) murdering Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe). And now, even though he doesn't know about Ronald trying to make a move on his wife Merrilee, he's already furious with him for kidnapping two 'wholesome' girls and not 'dirty prostitutes'.

Fans are thoroughly sickened by Ronald. "Ronald out here stealing your girl. He said meet me at the “club”. Whew. Well I’ll be damn Ronald. #bigsky," a fan tweeted. Rick Legarski's wife is pretty tired of her life. "Rick's wife gets so little love & attention from him that she's willing to get it from creepy Ronald  the desperation is sad & real #BigSky," a fan tweeted.





Others are perplexed with Ronald's obsession for finding women, who are like a mother to him. "The woman Ronald asked out reminds me of his mother. What is up with boys and their weird obsession with finding women who remind them of their mothers? #BigSky," one tweeted. "Ronald going to be a HOMEWRECKER #BigSky," a fan wrote. "Ronald out here private dancing with Legarski’s wife is genius. #BigSky," another tweeted.








In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lynch warned that fans shouldn't be looking for happy last-minute rescues for the missing girls: "For those three women, they're very close to being erased — in one fashion or another. That's obviously what Cassie and Jenny are trying to stop, and Cody was trying to stop. It's going to get pretty dark. It's a particularly dark show for the network [TV]. It's particularly dark for ABC. They were very brave to put it on."
'Big Sky' airs on ABC on Tuesdays at 10 pm.

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