'Big Sky' Episode 2: Why hasn't Ronald killed his mother yet? Fans creeped out by their twisted relationship

Fans are perplexed by the relationship Ronald and his mom share

                            'Big Sky' Episode 2: Why hasn't Ronald killed his mother yet? Fans creeped out by their twisted relationship

 'Big Sky' is sprawled with strange and absurd characters, one crazier than the other. Ronald Pergman, the sleazy villain who is abducting and drugging women, has a very 'Psycho'-esque relationship with his mother. While Norman Bates killed his mother in the Alfred Hitchcock film and wore her clothes to assuage him self of guilt, Ronald's mother seems alive (or so she seems) and the two have the weirdest conversations. For instance, she just told him to go masturbate and then have lunch...you know, normal stuff, what every mom should tell her son. Fans are sure that she is next on his hitlist and she just might be shot too. They still can't get over this exchange, even though the show is progressing into darker areas.

"This show is so strange. A mother telling her grown son (who lives in her basement) to go masturbate himself. Alrighty then. #BigSky," a fan wrote. "Go back to your room and do what? #bigsky," another tweeted. "She did not just say that to her son!?#BigSky," a surprised fan tweeted. "Ronald and his mother on @BigSkyABCare straight out of a @StephenKing novel. So good. #creeptastic #BigSky," a fan wrote. " Thought that truck driver was pyscho. His mother is even more messed up. SMH. #BigSky," a fan tweeted. 
"Not her telling him to go masturbate.. wtf is this show on #BigSky," a fan wrote. "We all know Ronald is killing his mom next calling it now #BigSky," another tweeted. 














 'Big Sky' is the adaptation of CJ Box's The Highway, which chronicles the grim tale of private detective Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe) and his ex-partner Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) as they work to finding the creepy serial killer Ron Perghman, who abducts women on lonely highways with. Cody was a character in two of his books, 'Three Weeks To Say Goodbye' and 'Back of Beyond' and then became the protagonist in 'The Highway'. Cody is shot dead in the first episode itself, but fans are hoping that Phillippe at least returns in more flashbacks. Meanwhile, Cassie is trying to hunt down the girls and find Cody as well.

'Big Sky' airs on ABC, Tuesdays at 10 pm. 

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