'Big Sky' premiered last week (November 17) and it promised all the shocks, twists and turns. Ryan Phillippe played the broody Cody Hoyt, who is struggling with a troubled marriage. His wife Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) has just discovered that he is sleeping with her best friend Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury), and that leads to them fighting it out in the bar. However, this isn't the time to solve marital issues, because a potential serial killer is on the loose and he's kidnapping women from a lonely highway in Montana.

In the opening scenes itself, Ronald Perghman tasered and kidnapped a sex worker and then got into a wild chase with two teenagers Danielle (Emily Alyn Lind) and Grace Sullivan (Brian Geraghty, before carrying them off to his creepy little hideout as well. He gives enough 'Psycho' vibes as he has a peculiar relationship with his mother, just like Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock's film did.  The trio set about to solve the chilling mystery, except er...Cody is shot by state trooper Rick Legarski at the end of the episode. It is believed that he is dead because the glass is spattered with blood and he was shot at point-blank range. 

The official synopsis reads, "Big Sky season 1, episode 2 "Nowhere to Run": Forced to form an unlikely team, Cassie and Jenny set out to continue the search for the missing girls. Meanwhile, Danielle, Grace, and Jerrie get to work on planning their escape, leading Legarski to struggle with the consequences of his actions as a distracted Ronald deals with a difficult relationship with his mother. Written by David E. Kelley and directed by Paul McGuigan."

However, there's more than what meets the eye: the abduction of the girls is not just in the hands of one man, as we got to see from Cody's murder. Rick had told Cody during their first phone call that the area has had “the occasional young female vanish around here.” When the FBI database is searched, we find 12 women have gone missing in Rick’s town over the last two years.

'Big Sky' wants us to believe that there is a 'cult' that is the reason for the abductions.  We discover that the Church of Glory and Transcendence is near the Sullivan sisters’ disappearance point and Cody has also heard rumors about the group being a cult.  A news story explains the “church” is located in Northwest Yellowstone and is led by its mysterious founder, William Edwards. It is Cody's piecing together the links between the Church and the kidnappers, that gets him killed. He tells Rick that the truckers are involved in sex trafficking. He speculates if Williams’s cult counts those truckers as members. Rick extracts information from Cody and then shoots him. He calls Ronald angrily and says, "Have you been sloppy?"

There are a lot of questions to answer and understand how the church is linked to these abductions. 'Big Sky' airs on ABC, Tuesdays at 10 pm. 

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